3 Ways to Convert More Customers from Social Media Marketing


So, your corporate social media pages are up and running, you’re posting the right content to engage your audience, and little by little the “army” of businesses following you is expanding. Awesome! But do these followers have a chance to become real business leads that would convert and result in marketing ROI?

Let’s start by saying that engaging on social media as a business is way more beneficial than harmful, but if you have spare digital marketing resources at hand, why not use them to gain more opportunities for your business?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting 3 ways to make your social media activity more targeted at converting customers!

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Dark Social: Traffic That Your Web Analytics Can't Track


Data tracking and web analytics play a big role in the everyday life of data nerds like us. And while we should all base our marketing efforts on reliable data, it's worth talking about how reliable your analytics really is. I'd like to tell you about the dark monster hiding in it, a considerable flow of traffic that goes untracked, or simply Dark Social.

The term "Dark Social" was first coined by Alexis C. Madrigal in 2012 and denotes the URLs that have been copied and pasted. What does this have to do with your web traffic? Bear with us on this, it requires some explaining.

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Email Marketing Tips: How to Send Love Letters to Your Leads


We keep asking digital marketers and businesses to be lovable, but we know that it's difficult to adopt a strategy that sounds a lot like a "marketing gimmick." Now hear this, what if I told you that if we actually start putting Lovable Marketing into practice, we'll see that it not only makes perfect sense, but you've also been doing some of it already! 

So now that we have a special term coined to it, let's go over the 5 ways your email marketing can be more lovable:

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Marketing Tips: How to Sell an Expensive Product


If your product is not doing well on the market, price might be the first thing you look into. Interestingly, it's usually not the real reason why your products don't get off the store shelves. In fact, increasing the price in parallel with the quality has often been used to boost the marketing impact. Now, we don't suggest you do the same, but here are smart ways to market and sell an expensive product without giving up on the price:

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5 Ways I Know Your Website Design Doesn't Do the Job for You


Your website design says a lot about your digital marketing. Some companies realize the importance of online presence and reputation; you know they're serious about it the moment their website is loaded (and hopefully fast!). But during my research on the companies providing commercial, industrial, and even residential services like heating, garden landscaping, textiles, construction, and others, I found dozens of websites that placed a tremendous focus on the product, but not on its marketing. 

So now, the moment I see your website, I can instantly tell if it was handled by a professional web design team, a web design team and content or SEO experts, an entire marketing team, or it was not handled at all. So, open up your website right now and let's run it through my super-short checklist below:

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Conversion is Not a Sale: It's the Top Digital Marketing Metric


If you haven't mastered all the internet marketing metrics yet, you should know this; conversion does not always mean a sale. It is a specific action taken by the user, who adopts a different role after that action.

For instance, a user visits your website, at this moment they are only a reader. Now when they submit a form, trading their information for exclusive content, they convert and become a lead; their role and value change.

Numbers like reach, bounce rate, time on website are merely hints that give you an idea about the current situation. All those metrics should serve to the sole purpose of increasing your conversion rate.

And although you will come across the term Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) a lot when reading about e-commerce marketing, so much that you would think it's specifically an e-commerce tactic, in reality, conversion is vital for ALL businesses who want to generate online ROI.

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5 Problems A Digital Marketing Automation Tool Can Solve


Remember what it was like being a digital marketing expert some ten years ago? We went to work, switched on the computer, and opened Excel sheets. As funny as it sounds today, this was our primary digital marketing database. The lucky ones had some workflows automated like mass emailing or task management. The rest, however, were burdened with a huge load of manual work.

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4 Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017


Let's play pretend for a moment: pretend you're starring in a Broadway play and that your spectators will applaud if you give them a worthwhile show. This scenario isn't too different from reality if you think of your content as your business' performance and your buyer personas as your audience who buy your products or services rather than give you a standing ovation.

Today, thanks to the availability of numerous high quality “performances” (and that's your competition's content), it is difficult to truly wow the audience; they are now immune to cliché marketing. So, if you don’t take action and provide an interesting plot, your audience is going to walk out and buy tickets to a different play. To give you a hand in crafting content that resonates with your audience and that they truly enjoy, here are the 4 content marketing trends that will keep you on top 2017:

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Traffic Dropped after Website Re-Design. Should You Set the SEO Alarm?


Do you feel like your traffic has been down the drain ever since your website redesign? Are qualified leads down, leaving your conversion funnels confused? Is the worst part that you just don't know why this happened in the first place? After all... website redesigns are supposed to be good for traffic, aren't they? Well, don't worry — there are steps you can take to get your traffic back!

First, don't blame your new website. Sometimes you have to go on a website redesign mission, because: 

  • ... you changed your main strategy, services, or buyer personas.
  • ... you discovered new SEO data on the searching and browsing habits of your target.
  • ... your old website no longer corresponds to the new Google standards.
  • ... your website design is really really old and outdated.

But a redesign should not be the main reason why your website traffic would drop so drastically. How about we get into some of the most common and real reasons why your SEO behaves like it needs a vacation.

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Search Habits for SEO: Optimize Your Content for Customers


Modern digital marketing trends lead companies towards adapting their SEO strategies to customers' behaviors. And although some multi-billion brands like Apple still have the power to inspire those trends from scratch, other companies need to follow what their customers dictate. Finding out the search habits of your buyer personas is one of those ways.

Search habits are very complex and diverse. We all search differently, use different keywords, and visit different websites, but there are 3 main ways your buyers will utilize the technological power of search engines to reach you:

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