The Importance of Having a Clean Business Website


Your business is an ever-evolving organism and so is the web: this is what you have to keep in mind when it comes to your company website and it's marketing. The online web grows, your business also grows and guess what? Your website should also be able to grow with it, riding the approaching current rather than drowning in it.

As a business, you do know the importance of having a website (do you?): very few businesses can actually survive without this virtual representation, but while having a website is important, eliminating the web waste hiding behind your beautiful interface and having it clean & tidy is even more crucial. A website can't survive on it's own; it's going to be a part of a much larger marketing strategy. So, let’s make sure it's built on 3 very important concepts:

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Web Design Doesn’t Matter: AIN’T NO MEAT IN A JELLYFISH


I cut my web design teeth in the age of skeuomorphism1 and flip phones. It’s OK if you don’t know what skeuomorphism means because no one is ever going to talk about it seriously again. In those days (this is 2003-2008) there was a culture of one-upmanship at work among web designers. We were pushing the boundaries to introduce more realism - more feeling and warmth - to the web. Your website was meant to feel like a room that was specifically yours - with your posters on the wall and your coffee rings on the desk. It’s no surprise that the actual content and function of the website was largely ignored. How many times did you have to wait for a painfully slow flash website to load just so the designer could literally add a flicker to the lightbulb that was inexplicably included in the design?

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Page Load Time: Make Search Engines Love Your Website


Imagine you’ve been surfing the net for quite a while, and you came across this really cool advertisement for, say, corporate dinners. You’re interested, so you click on the ad waiting for the website to load. But it doesn’t ... how long are you ready to wait for the “magic” to happen? If you’re an average user, the waiting time will be just 3 seconds. Right?

Now let’s get back to your business. Your potential client types in your web address and hits enter. What you don’t want to do is leave them with enough time to grab a snack or a cup of coffee before the website loads.

We’ve all got to remember: users love quick sites, and so does Google!

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Online Reputation Tips: Dealing with Negative Online Reviews


Do you ever conduct the “small search” for your own business online? Let’s confess it, it’s pleasant to see mentions of your company and enjoy a bit more exposure to the world around and excellent online reputation.

But what if one day this search yields results that are, ahem, less than flattering?

Imagine an angry Yelp rant about how horrible your service is appearing on that very first page of Google search results.

Many businesses actually dread this situation. The good news is, bad reviews don’t mean bad business. In fact, even the businesses with the highest quality of services don’t dwell in a magic “5-star-review” world and have their share of online “badmouthing”. The important thing about negative online reputation is how you handle it. For some it may be downright awful, while others may use it as a way to showcase how thoroughly they approach customer reviews and how much they care for each client!

Let’s make sure you belong to the second category by looking at some practical steps for dealing with negative online reputation.

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Web Design Tips: Better User Experience Boosts Conversion Rates


You'd think it's needless to talk about this in 2016, but the truth is that many B2B companies still dramatically underestimate the importance of impeccable user experience on their websites. A recent research from the Nielsen Norman Group showed that many B2B websites are “stuck in the 1990s," failing to provide the information that clients are looking for and offering an overall disastrous UX experience.

When was the last time you, as a regular user, went back to a website that provided you with a horrible user experience the first time? And, most importantly, why would your customers do that?

Obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone, there are fantastic UX designs out there that deserve a People's Choice award, but even if you are already one of them, take a couple minutes to review these UX tips B2B companies can use to increase their conversion rates.

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Where To Start With A Complex Digital Marketing Challenge


At Waypost, we are currently focusing primarily on 3 specific verticals:

  1. B2C: Home services
  2. B2C: High-end lifestyle products
  3. B2B: Industrial/commercial services

We write a lot of content targeted to these three types of industries, and for the most part, the marketing is fairly straightforward. We have a client that does a service or provides a product that most people know about, and for whatever reason our client is the best at what they do. Our biggest challenges are 1) to get their name out there ahead of their competitors and 2) to convince their target market that our client is the right choice of providers.

However, not all companies have products or services that are this straightforward. Maybe your business does something that most people are not familiar with. Maybe you are a new company, your product is intangible, or you are a reseller of some sort, and people just don’t know that they need what you’re offering. Your marketing challenges are more complex because they start farther back in the Awareness stage of the Buyer’s Journey—perhaps even before it.

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5 Digital Marketing Tactics for IT Companies


Despite all the incredible innovations that the tech industry brings to us, B2B IT companies often have quite a hard time spotting the digital marketing tactics that actually work for them, unlike their B2C colleagues. 

So, before you mistakenly use a range of B2C marketing tactics and scare off a dozen potential clients with your "Snapchat creativity," let’s look at some of the best practices that will make your tech company’s digital marketing efforts work better ... much better!

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6 Best Practices for Digital Data Handling


This article was originally published on Wolf Technology Group blog.

Data can be considered the life blood of any business. Organizations must adhere to the best practices of digital data handling, especially since many businesses store personal data about their employees and customers. If hackers and scammers gain access to this data, they could try to sell it on the black market.

A report published by Intel Security suggests that 43% of all data breaches are caused by users. By training your users on how to properly handle digital data, your business can become proactive in its fight to defend your customer's personal identifiable information (PII) from prying eyes.

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On-Page SEO 2016: Extracurricular Activities


If your business has been doing SEO for a while, you have probably seen a checklist for on-page optimization. It would include having a sitemap, a robots.txt, working on-page load time, and many more very common SEO practices.

But as 2016 progresses, Google’s shaking up some buzz again! The common and the simple SEO practices are now something practically every business out there does regularly. So, it’s clear that when everyone is putting in some effort into winning traffic, successful on-page SEO is no longer a matter of doing things off a checklist. But let’s go one step at a time! If you haven’t started with the basics, check out this article from MOZ. These steps are the essentials, and you do need them in order to be on friendly terms with search engines. And once you are all set, let’s explore 3 more things on y our extracarricular activites list that may help your business outperform its competition!

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3 Ways to Convert More Customers from Social Media Marketing


So, your corporate social media pages are up and running, you’re posting the right content to engage your audience, and little by little the “army” of businesses following you is expanding. Awesome! But do these followers have a chance to become real business leads that would convert and result in marketing ROI?

Let’s start by saying that engaging on social media as a business is way more beneficial than harmful, but if you have spare digital marketing resources at hand, why not use them to gain more opportunities for your business?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting 3 ways to make your social media activity more targeted at converting customers!

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