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3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Working With A Consultant


If you’ve inherited the job of trying to figure out how to take your marketing to the digital space, you’re probably finding that there’s way more to it than you originally anticipated. Whether you’ve never done any sort of digital marketing, or if there have been a few starts and stops by other people along the way, you’ve probably discovered you have a mess to sort out… and you don’t quite know where to start.

How wonderful is it, then, that there are companies who will help you sort through the mess? Someone will take a look at your branding, your resources, your assets, and your current activities, and put that into some sort of framework for you. Then they will provide you with a roadmap to digital marketing success. How could you possibly pass this up?

Before you go trusting random strangers with the growth of your business, let’s run through a few things to be mindful of going in.

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VIDEO: Marketing to the Luxury Living Industry Part 2—Marketing Automation


Last week we talked about how to get inside the head of the Luxury Buyer by creating Buyer Personas and providing the information that this buyer needs in order to complete their research process. After all, they're going to complete that process whether or not you're involved... so you better be involved!

However, creating Buyer Personas for each segment of your market is a lot of work, and once you get done with that, you still have to create the content, send the emails, post the social messages, and so on—and make all of these tactics come together as part of a cohesive strategy.

Providing research material that speaks to all your potential buyers at all of the various stages of the buyer's journey in all of the platforms that those buyers tend to use… and then keeping yourself top of mind after they’ve initially found you… that’s tons of work. Tons.

If you have a marketing manager who is trying to do all this work in conjunction with your traditional marketing efforts (print, direct mailing, TV, radio, or God forbid—cold calling!), they are overwhelmed. They cannot possibly keep up with it all.

Nor can they keep up with what’s changing. Digital marketing is an incredibly fluid industry, with changes happening as fast as technology evolves. New channels and platforms emerge overnight and become vital pieces of content dissemination before you even realize they exist.

This Is Where Marketing Automation Comes In


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VIDEO: Marketing to the Luxury Living Industry Part 1—Buyer Personas


The Luxury Living vertical is such a fun niche for us! This vertical encompasses industries like pools, outdoor kitchens, golf carts, or anything that, strictly speaking, is fun to buy.

The reason we enjoy this vertical so much is because we get to be a part of a customer celebrating their success. Buyers of these products have worked hard and smart, they’ve sacrificed, and they’ve reached a place where that hard work is paying off. Finally, they get to enjoy the financial rewards of their success and turn their dream lifestyle into a reality.


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Determining Your Differentiators: Why Should I Choose YOU?


One of my favorite things about my job is getting to listen to business owners talk about their businesses.

No, I’m not being cheesy.

When I sit and listen to business owners talk about the thing that they have made a successful living out of, I hear their passion for helping people. I see their faces light up. I feel their conviction that they are really doing something good in the world by providing this product or service to those who need it, and their determination to be the best at solving the problems of the people they help.

It’s contagious.

Usually, I am not brought in until it’s time to start planning the project and figuring out the strategy. During that initial meeting, I am there to learn about the business—what they do, how it all works, etc. Most clients have tons to say about their business, and I’m always happy to listen.

Once they get done with their initial spiel, it’s time for me to start filling in gaps.

The first—and my favorite—question I ask most clients when I sit down to parse out their business strategy is, “Why should I choose you?”

I can find out a lot of information from the responses I get to this question, but what I’m really asking you to do is to sell me on your company. Convince me that you are the right choice for me. How you do this helps me determine how I’m going to sell you online.

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The Skinny On Digital Marketing


When talking to business owners about what we do here at Waypost and how I can help them out, I find myself with exactly 45 seconds to successfully convey some pretty unfamiliar concepts. After a minute, I’ll see their eyes glaze over with all my marketing talk that distracts them from the very real 25 fires they are dealing with in that immediate moment.

Hey. I get it. You’re busy—swamped even. If your marketing issues are on your radar, they’re well behind all those fires you’re putting out.

What if I told you I can take a fire off your plate?

Skim through this article, grab the pieces you need, and file the rest of it away for when we talk later. I just want you to have an idea of what I can do for you. Because that slow-burning ember of 'no leads' will, at some point, move itself right onto your front burner, and then you’ll be glad you read this.

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Where To Start With A Complex Digital Marketing Challenge


At Waypost, we are currently focusing primarily on 3 specific verticals:

  1. B2C: Home services
  2. B2C: High-end lifestyle products
  3. B2B: Industrial/commercial services

We write a lot of content targeted to these three types of industries, and for the most part, the marketing is fairly straightforward. We have a client that does a service or provides a product that most people know about, and for whatever reason our client is the best at what they do. Our biggest challenges are 1) to get their name out there ahead of their competitors and 2) to convince their target market that our client is the right choice of providers.

However, not all companies have products or services that are this straightforward. Maybe your business does something that most people are not familiar with. Maybe you are a new company, your product is intangible, or you are a reseller of some sort, and people just don’t know that they need what you’re offering. Your marketing challenges are more complex because they start farther back in the Awareness stage of the Buyer’s Journey—perhaps even before it.

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Writing for Inbound Marketing


Writing for inbound marketing isn't like any other kind of writing you've probably ever done. While it requires a solid foundation of the basic writing skills you picked up in your education, it combines a host of other writing styles and requires you to be able to seamlessly incorporate:

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Is Your Website Doing Its Job?


Recently, I had a conversation with a business owner in which we were discussing some things he could be doing on the web to market his business better, the pros and cons of this platform or that platform, etc. I asked him how many leads he was getting from his website, and his answer surprised me. He said, “I’ll be honest, I don’t really get any leads from my website. Do you think I should be getting more interest from it?”

My answer was a resounding “YES!” If you are not getting leads from your website, then what on earth do you even have a website for???

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Call A Web Design Company


So, you’re looking at your website and you’re thinking, “You know… I feel like I should be getting more from you…” Or maybe you’ve just started a business and you know you need a website, but you don’t have the slightest clue where to start. Whatever your situation, it may be tempting to just call up a local web design firm and start firing away. A GOOD web design firm, however, is going to start firing back! Here are some questions you should be prepared to answer in order to make the most of your consultation… and maybe even point yourself in the right direction.

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The Difference Between Inbound Marketing & Traditional Marketing


Most people understand the basic concept of marketing. If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably got some sort of marketing budget for your business, and you’ve probably been using that money on a number of strategies that you’re pretty sure have gotten some good returns. If you’re not doing much on the internet, most of your marketing dollars are probably being spent on “Traditional Marketing.” 

What is the difference between inbound marketing and traditional, outbound marketing? Allow us to explain:


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