Black Hat SEO is a Big Fat SE-NO


Every person or company with a website dreams of earning one of the top spots on Google’s search results, but at what cost are they willing to achieve that goal? Most companies earn the prized positions over time by using white hat seo practices, like putting a lot of hard work into the quality and legitimacy of their site’s content. But then there are those who decide they don't have time for quality and who attempt to take top billing by employing black hat techniques, which can gain some traction in the short-term but will ultimately get your website shut down.

So What are Some Black Hat SEO Tactics?

Black hat search engine optimization (SEO) is a sneaky, unethical way to try to get your webpage to the top of Google’s organic search results. If someone in your company or from the agency you work with proposes one of the following tactics just say, “NO!

  • Keyword Stuffing or Unrelated Keywords – Overusing keywords on a webpage or adding unrelated keywords to website copy.
  • Invisible text – Entering text that blends in with the website background which can be seen by web spiders but not by those visiting the website.
  • Redirection – Leading people to believe they will be visiting one website then displaying another when clicked.
  • Spam Blogging – Stringing together random keywords or buzzwords rather producing legitimate content.
  • Cybersquatting – Including a popular name or word in your URL with the intention of piggybacking off of its traffic.
  • Spam Ping – Automating notifications to trick ping servers into thinking that new content is available when it isn’t.
  • URL Hijacking – Creating a URL so similar to an existing, popular page that visitors can easily click on the wrong one.
  • Social Network Spam – Commenting on posts or messaging people with links to your website.
  • Mirror Sites – Republishing content from reputable sources onto your own website.

Websites attempting to use black hat tactics may get more impressions and more traffic faster than websites that utilize white hat techniques, but there is a tradeoff. White hat methods take some time and elbow grease but ultimately generate real leads and not just “traffic for traffic’s sake;” Black hat methods can be quick but lead to both damaged reputations and banned websites. Now we don’t know about you, but we’d take a lifetime of legitimate, lead-generating glory over 15 minutes of clickbait fame anyday.

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