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Web_design_spartanburg_scJobs are becoming available left and right because of the phenomenon of digital marketing. You have done your research and you are ready to embark on the journey of becoming a digital marketing strategist. There is one problem; you don’t know the exact skills that are needed for the job. You will probably hear terms thrown around like SEO, inbound marketing, PPC, UX/UI, etc. But I have noticed that one set of skills gets neglected that is essential for a smooth running digital marketing company.

Photoshop. I know, you might say that you are not a designer or creative in any way, but knowing the basics of Photoshop will help you in many different ways. So here are five basic Photoshop/Design skills that you need to know.

1. Saving Images for Web Optimization

Make sure that your skills include preparing your images for the web. This means making sure that your image mode is set to RGB, and not CMYK. There is a big difference when mixing colors without ink and trying to reach the same color. Another thing to keep in mind is file types. There are three main ones to be familiar with for ultimate web optimization. This includes JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Lastly, file size is very important—especially when your audience is being charged for mobile data! Learn how to balance image quality with file size.

2. Type Treatment

When you are dealing typography, you need to be familiar with the type tools that Photoshop offers. The type tool is used for creating type. There are tools to manipulate type and perfect spacing in copy as well. The easiest way to work with type is to format your Photoshop workspace to “Typography.” This will optimize your toolbar to get the perfect typographical look for your clients.

3. Working with Layers

Photoshop is a layers based program. Imagine you are working on top of one layer of glass. But in the case that you want to overlap items or cover them, it would be of good use to use another piece of glass to put on top of the main glass. That is essentially Photoshop. Knowing how to organize and group layers will not only save you time, but also put less stress on anyone else working on the same file.

4. Basic Layout

When you are working with anything that is optimized for digital use, you usually only have a certain amount of space to work with. Whether this is banners, CTA’s, full landing page, etc, it is good to know basic layout skills to fit all the information within that space. Many times a client has two paragraphs of copy, but you only have 500x500 pixels. Make sure to know balance and unity when dealing with layout for web.

5. Basic Color Theory

Knowing how to work with color seems to be expected when hiring someone working with companies branding or identity, but you would be surprised. Knowing the color wheel and learning how to harmonize colors cohesively within a space can actually be a daunting task. Make sure that if color theory doesn’t come natural to you, to read up on it and maybe even do some exercises to help you in the process.

After you have mastered these five steps to basic Photoshop skills, you will be able to confidently walk into an inbound marketing company and land that perfect job. Just remember to hold fast to these basics and you will do an awesome job with digital marketing.

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