I Love My Job (and I'm Only Technically Being Paid to Say That Because I'm on the Clock Anyway)

#WaypostLife_internet_marketing_agency_Spartanburg_SCDo you find yourself reading all of our blogs and social media posts and thinking to yourself, "Man, these people are so smart and great, I wonder what it's like to be a part of that #WaypostLife?" Well you're in luck my friend, because I'm here to tell you everything!

A Day in the Life of a Wayposter

I'm actually our newest employee so I'm here to give you more of a fresh perspective than a seasoned one. I started as an intern in May 2015 and dazzled my coworkers with my hard work and unwavering enthusiasm. I was brought on full-time in September, so I've been here for about 6 months... Let's start there.

The First 6 Months as a Wayposter

  • Certifications. I remember my calendars being FILLED with dates and plans to get AdWords Certified, Inbound Marketing Certified, and Hubspot Certified in a matter of a month and a half. It was a lot of studying and a lot of work, but now I know all of these things like the back of my hand, and I get to brag a little bit.
  • Hubspot. As an Inbound Marketing Producer, I use the Hubspot platform for like 98% of my job. All of my clients' social media posts, emails, blogs, and landing pages are created and distributed thanks to Hubspot, so I had to quickly learn how to use it and use it well (which was pretty easy because Hubspot is actually the best).
  • Filling the gaps. I didn't get my own clients until I was hired on full-time, so I spent my first three months as an intern doing "odd jobs." Now I don't mean making coffee runs or anything like that, but I'd write blogs for EVERY client, design calls to action, or lay out content on a new site that we were developing. Now that I sit here and think about it, having no clients really played the biggest role in actually helping me learn how to do my job.
  • Getting clients. I learned a lot by not having clients, but now I currently manage 3 very different clients, and I love it. I'm always learning new things about different industries, I get to see all of my hard work turn into success for my clients, and my days have much more structure.

The Work

I'm an Inbound Marketing Producer so I can take you through my regular day, but keep in mind our tasks vary from position to position and person to person:

  • I spend Monday morning scheduling social media for my clients for the week
  • I write one blog per week for each of my clients
  • I proofread and edit my coworkers' blog posts for the week
  • I spend the first 3 business days of the month running and analyzing keyword reports for all of our clients that are running Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Once per month I send out an email newsletter for each of my clients
  • Once per quarter I craft a landing page for each of my clients to push a specific product or service
  • I'm always on-call to make any website changes a client requests
  • And meetings! I usually participate in several meetings per week

If there's ever any time where I don't have something urgent going on I'll research client competition, look for new blog ideas to add into my content calendars, find new accounts my clients should be following on social media, or help a coworker that seems to be buried in work. (I also REALLY enjoy watching puppy videos.)

The Environment

It says right on our site that our work environment is:

  • Fun and fast-paced. Fun? Always true; we all get along so well and someone in the office is always laughing (sometimes we even play games)! Fast paced? That honestly depends on the week; some are packed with to-dos, others are more open.
  • Flexible with flex-hours and no vacation schedules. All true. Some people work 7-3, some work 9-5. As long as the work gets done and we have someone to answer the phones, we don't stress too much. And as far as vacation/time off goes, as long as we give enough notice and are sure that all of our work gets done, we're in the clear to take the time we need. To be honest, this seemed weird to me when I started, but it's actually really nice.
  • Casual. Extra-true in both senses of the word casual. Not only is it casual enough that we can all see each other as equals and not fear "the scary boss man," but it's casual in that we know that work gets done just as well in dress clothes as it does in jeans—trust me, I've tried both.

The People

It's probably cliché, but I truly do think of us as a family. Not only do we build each other up for success at work, but we share in each others' personal joys, struggles, and endeavors.

We come from a wide variety of backgrounds with some of us having a degree that is directly related to our position while others come from different fields all together, but none of that matters. What matters is our ability to do the job we were hired for and all of us have that ability.

Work wise, I think my favorite part about us is how we each have our little niche of expertise:

  • Doug is not our boss—he's our leader. Sure, he's great about delighting our clients and bringing in new business so we continue to grow and succeed, but he appreciates every single person here and makes that very clear in how he runs his business. He is great at identifying people's talents and strengths and developing them. He's a first-class businessman.
  • Erin has organizational abilities unlike anything I have ever seen. She always knows what everyone has going on and is able to balance our abilities with the client's needs so that everything always gets done on time and with great results; she has like a 6th sense when it comes to deadlines. Also, she shares "mom advice" with us which makes her sound lame, boring, and old but that literally could not be farther from the truth.
  • Sam is the go-to man for design. You know the part in the Lion King where Mufasa says, "Everything the light touches is our kingdom..." It's kind of like that: everything you see is Sam's design. He also takes on a good bit of development work and is awesome at figuring out how to get people to notice the information you really want them have. He is great at explaining complex ideas in a way that's easy for a newbie like me to understand.
  • Matt is the master developer who makes sure everything we put out on the internet actually works. To put it lightly (because his job is literally so far over my head that I'd need the Hubble telescope to see it) he takes Sam's designs and breathes life into them. Also, if you need him to do something for you he gets it done so fast you feel like it's done before you can even send the email asking him to do it, and if he needs you to do something he gives you a nifty instruction sheet so it's impossible to mess up which is the best.
  • Danielle is her name, digital data management is her game. You can thank her for being able to find all of our clients literally everywhere on the internet: Yelp, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, etc. If you can name a site, she can get a client on it and verified in the blink of an eye. She has a gift for social media management that can't be taught, and is great at teaching new people the ropes. She's also fabulous at answering the phone and has been taken under Doug's wing to learn more about bringing on new clients!
  • Katie is a machine when it comes to writing. She can crank out blogs, emails, landing pages, social media posts, and website content rewrites with astounding speed and zero sacrifice to quality. In fact, the only thing I ever find myself having to correct when I edit her work is the length of what she's written; that's right, I'm saying she's too good at her job. Also she literally knows everything so I rely on her for facts more than Google.
  • Me (Michelle): While I share a title with Danielle and Katie, my little niche is AdWords. I can set up campaigns, build keyword lists, write ad copy that make's people's clicking fingers itch, and run and analyze reports while others just kind of sit back and stare wondering, "What is this magic she's performing?!" (Although I think if you'd ask my coworkers what my little niche is, they'd probably say stock photos. I'm really good at finding the perfect stock photo for any occasion for free.)

I'll end with a personal anecdote. I've worked several jobs in the past while I was in school and preparing for my career, but this is my first real, full time job. I had jobs in the past where I had to drag myself to work every day because what I was getting out of them was no where near what I was putting into them, or because I wasn't learning or growing, etc.

I was optimistic that none of that would be the case when I started at Waypost. I actually made a mental note of how excited I was driving in on my first day as an intern. And my second day. And through the first week. I thought certainly the excitement would wane, but here I am 6 months later and I can tell you, so far, that is not the case. I am still super jazzed to come into work EVERY DAY.

Check out our Careers page for open positions at Waypost!

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