Improve the Conversion and ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns

Landing pages are critical to your internet marketing efforts.

return on investment ROI from digital marketing Greenville SCYour landing pages must be optimized to quickly provide visitors with essential information about the products and services you are offering; and what they need to do to get hold of them. Thus, the landing page must answer the following questions:
  • Is the page about the same products or services they were searching for online when they found you?
  • Does it tell them what they need to do NEXT to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, download your whitepaper, or whatever your conversion goal is?
  • Does it include links to other sections of your site that they may want to visit?
  • and...does it do this carefully, without distracting them too much?

How can you improve your landing pages for greater conversion?

Headlines. The landing page must open with a few attention-grabbing lines that highlight the benefits to the prospect.

Visual appeal. Good visual design supports the content. However, the wrong graphics or too many images can distract from the offer and conversion goal.

'Scannable’ pages. People should be able to scan or read through the page quickly, so use bullet points, simple sentences and crisp content.

Reinforce the call to action. No two visitors read a web page in the identical manner. To make sure your call to action is not missed, reinforce it more than once on the page and ensure that it is clearly visible.

Focus on a primary keyword. Define your product or service for each keyword phrase and drive everything on the page to it. This means having many landing pages — at least one per ad group and ideally one for your each of your top keyword phrases. Less confusion and decision making for your visitor means better conversion rates for your landing page.

Simple design. Simpler pages always work better for lead generation. If you find that some elements like navigation bars, visual clutter, and links to other sections do not aid the visitor in their decision making process, get rid of them.

‘You’, not ‘we’. Write about the prospect – more of ‘you’ and less of ‘we’. Your visitors only care about how taking that step (your call to action) will benefit them.

Ask for less. Keep your form simple. Get only as much information as you need immediately; you can always collect more during your lead nurturing process.

‘App’ less. Yes, not all computers run the latest fancy graphics or video apps, so think about whether you want your lasting ‘brand image’ to be a dialog box that says “you can't view this site because you don't have the latest version of…”?

The Key Takeaway

Don’t waste your online advertising budget by sending clicks to your home page! While a great looking web design can grab the attention of your visitors, a strong landing page will keep them involved and get them to buy your products/services.

The landing page is the most important persuasion point for the user. Create targeted, product or service focused landing pages that simplify customer activity and improve conversions. The more compelling and clear your offer is, the more qualified your prospects will be. As a result, you will drive better conversion and garner greater return on investment.

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