Leverage Remarketing and Retargeting

Integrating Display Advertising into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

display_advertising_in_digital_marketing_services_Greenville_SC.jpgWeb technology now offers you the option of continuing to engage with customers who may have moved on to other sites after visiting your webpage. Two key trends that are making waves and providing immense benefits are: remarketing and retargeting.

Retargeting Explained

Few users are likely to convert on their very first visit to your website. Most will continue searching other sites for more information. The retargeting method can be used to try to engage prospects who visited your website once but did not check out. 

Their visit to your website ensures that they know about your brand. Now you leverage that familiarity to continue serving display ads about your business on other sites they visit. This continuous exposure to your brand across multiple websites increases brand recall and reinforces your credibility.

All you need to do to enable this is to place a Java script within your HTML coding. Some retargeting best practices include:

  • Ensuring a clear call to action in all your ads
  • Serving ads based on clear visitor segmentation
  • Focusing a single product or service line through each ad
  • Understanding the criticality of the service being researched and accordingly adjusting the frequency of display

Remarketing Explained

This particular trend goes a step further. The third party information you gather via the cookies is dropped into various systems to track the online behavior of your prospects. Now, with remarketing you take advantage of first party information you may have gathered about those users to conduct focused digital campaigns.

You can leverage direct marketing mechanisms, such as email to target customers who come to your website but leave without completing an action. Remarketing attempts to convert such prospects through marketing mediums that extend beyond online behavioral tracking. This makes it imperative that you make remarketing an integral part of your overall digital marketing campaign. It can help you:

  • Analyze online insights and combine it with existing data to reach out to customers
  • Deliver targeted display ads
  • Convert prospects who are still unsure about making a purchase decision
  • Localize your campaigns to win new customers in your area
  • Ensure high brand recall by leveraging multiple mediums
  • Improve brand credibility and customer loyalty

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