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Last week we talked about how to get inside the head of the Luxury Buyer by creating Buyer Personas and providing the information that this buyer needs in order to complete their research process. After all, they're going to complete that process whether or not you're involved... so you better be involved!

However, creating Buyer Personas for each segment of your market is a lot of work, and once you get done with that, you still have to create the content, send the emails, post the social messages, and so on—and make all of these tactics come together as part of a cohesive strategy.

Providing research material that speaks to all your potential buyers at all of the various stages of the buyer's journey in all of the platforms that those buyers tend to use… and then keeping yourself top of mind after they’ve initially found you… that’s tons of work. Tons.

If you have a marketing manager who is trying to do all this work in conjunction with your traditional marketing efforts (print, direct mailing, TV, radio, or God forbid—cold calling!), they are overwhelmed. They cannot possibly keep up with it all.

Nor can they keep up with what’s changing. Digital marketing is an incredibly fluid industry, with changes happening as fast as technology evolves. New channels and platforms emerge overnight and become vital pieces of content dissemination before you even realize they exist.

This Is Where Marketing Automation Comes In


Doing all of the work of creating and disseminating content in a cohesive fashion is overwhelming, but when you remember that you're having to get your potential buyers all this information before they've even reached out to you, it can be downright discouraging. You can't rely on your salespeople to answer their questions, because your salespeople haven't even become a part of the process yet!

And let’s not forget the massive challenge that is analyzing current tactics, tweaking strategy, and implementing new ideas. There are tons of tools out there that all give inconsistent information, and many of them are designed to scare you so that you’ll subscribe to their paid versions. But how are you to know? Which ones are reputable? How can you know if the data you’re given is accurate?

In order to solve for these issues, you need 2 main things:

You Need Marketing Automation

Marketing automation enables the person implementing your digital marketing strategies to automate many of the time- and resource-intensive processes that make online marketing so overwhelming. From blog publishing to email campaigns to social publishing, a good marketing automation platform will integrate all of those tasks seamlessly.

More importantly, marketing automation enables you to nurture your leads throughout their research process—consistently reaching out to them and offering them more information based on parameters that you set, and keeping you top of mind until they're ready to talk.

It also lets you keep an eye on what each lead is doing, learn what information they're finding helpful, and gauge how interested they are in your product or service. It lets you become a part of the research process organically and without being intrusive.

With a good marketing automation platform, you can put together your strategy, build it, and then schedule it to implement itself. With a great marketing automation platform, you can then get detailed reporting so you can see easily what is working, what isn’t, what posts drive engagement, and what tactics convert leads into customers.

Digital marketing is a lot of work, even with a great marketing automation software. If your marketing manager is trying to do it all on their own, they are probably using several different programs to try to help themselves: one for email, one for social publishing, another for a blog, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with those programs.

But if you’re looking for serious lead generation, you need to take your tactics to the next level by investing in a tool that will enable you to put together a much more comprehensive strategy, execute it, and then determine how well it’s performing.

You Need a Team

When it comes to digital marketing, you need an entire team of people dedicated to handling all of your efforts. Even with great marketing automation software, this side of marketing is still, realistically speaking, too much work for one or sometimes even two people to handle well.

This team should partner with you to help you accomplish your business goals, and ought to be able to work directly with your marketing manager who can ensure that your brand stays consistent.

At Waypost, we decided that HubSpot’s functionality plus its unparalleled customer support was the best marketing automation option for the clients we serve. We are a gold-tier HubSpot partner agency with demonstrable success using this platform to grow our clients’ businesses. Check out what our clients have to say about us on our Partner Page, and don’t forget to cruise over to our Case Studies page to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours increase traffic, leads, and conversions.

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