Why is Your HubSpot Content Failing You?


You have chosen HubSpot and probably even have the annual subscription, but something isn’t quite right. You have done your fair share of research on content marketing, nonetheless, everything seems to be failing you.

Don't panic, we know this issue very well, and you're not the only one struggling with it.

Usually, when thinking of automation, you might imagine setting a task on autopilot and completely freeing your hands and mind from further effort. But you can do that only if you have a strong marketing team that can deliver the actual workload and quality. If you become careless with content, it may just take you off a cliff.

So, to help you out with your inbound strategy, here's what you should publish to fuel your HubSpot machine.

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Determining Your Differentiators: Why Should I Choose YOU?


One of my favorite things about my job is getting to listen to business owners talk about their businesses.

No, I’m not being cheesy.

When I sit and listen to business owners talk about the thing that they have made a successful living out of, I hear their passion for helping people. I see their faces light up. I feel their conviction that they are really doing something good in the world by providing this product or service to those who need it, and their determination to be the best at solving the problems of the people they help.

It’s contagious.

Usually, I am not brought in until it’s time to start planning the project and figuring out the strategy. During that initial meeting, I am there to learn about the business—what they do, how it all works, etc. Most clients have tons to say about their business, and I’m always happy to listen.

Once they get done with their initial spiel, it’s time for me to start filling in gaps.

The first—and my favorite—question I ask most clients when I sit down to parse out their business strategy is, “Why should I choose you?”

I can find out a lot of information from the responses I get to this question, but what I’m really asking you to do is to sell me on your company. Convince me that you are the right choice for me. How you do this helps me determine how I’m going to sell you online.

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Website Redesign Checklist. Do It the Right Way


So, it has come to this: you're thinking about redesigning your website. Congratulations! You have taken the first step by deciding to make the change, now take a deep breath and acknowledge that you don't want to jump from a website full of problems into another, better-looking website full of problems.

Too often, website owners fail to diagnose the real problems with their website, which happens to be the most critical step before a redesign. With the right diagnostics and a website redesign checklist, you will not waste time, funds, or the creativity of your designer. If you’re going to give your website a makeover, do it the right way.

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Do I Really Need Digital Marketing if Everyone Knows My Brand?


"If all these people are already specifically searching for my brand and arriving at my online doorstep, do I even need all that digital marketing?"

If you receive a lot of direct traffic or see dozens of brand queries in your Google Analytics, you've probably asked yourself this very question a time or two. It's absolutely a fair question to ask, but the answer isn't as simple as the question, and we'll have to dig into some details to explain everything for you. So, grab your shovel and let's dig:

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Web Analytics: Understanding Referral, Direct, and Email Website Traffic


So you want to increase traffic to your website. Don't we all! Getting traffic is the first step in the conversion process, but what you may not realize is that the type and quality of your traffic can determine if you will have a conversion process at all. This is why it is so important to understand the difference between all of your traffic channels before we can go any further. 

We covered Organic and Social channels in our previous article, so go back and read that if you want to attract customers from search engines and social media networks (go ahead and read that article, we'll wait!). Okay, now we can continue with Referral, Direct and Email channels: 

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Web Analytics: Organic & Social Traffic to Your Website


What is the next best thing to launching a brand new website? Seeing the first sign of new traffic! 

Traffic is the currency of digital marketing (that's where we're from!). You may be counting your success with visits or sessions...  every visitor in your web analytics is worth real money.

Before you ask your digital marketing agency for more traffic, let us get you ready to begin the conversation. Getting the traffic you deserve begins with knowing what kind of traffic your brand needs and how to get it.

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What Does "Content Marketing" Really Mean?


We do content marketing, and now you're probably thinking we write a "Pride & Prejudice" every single day. And while one "Pride & Prejudice" is nice to have, too many of those is definitely a bad idea (all the women out there, you know what I'm talking about). Jokes aside, you don't want to spend resources and energy creating THAT MUCH content; it's boring and we all have a limit of how much text we are willing to read every day. But does it mean that content marketing is boring and interests only sad librarians? Yeah .... no, not at all. 

Sorry to let you down, I am no Jane Austen and content is not just text. So, when you hear from us that you should be producing more content, here's what we mean. 

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The Skinny On Digital Marketing


When talking to business owners about what we do here at Waypost and how I can help them out, I find myself with exactly 45 seconds to successfully convey some pretty unfamiliar concepts. After a minute, I’ll see their eyes glaze over with all my marketing talk that distracts them from the very real 25 fires they are dealing with in that immediate moment.

Hey. I get it. You’re busy—swamped even. If your marketing issues are on your radar, they’re well behind all those fires you’re putting out.

What if I told you I can take a fire off your plate?

Skim through this article, grab the pieces you need, and file the rest of it away for when we talk later. I just want you to have an idea of what I can do for you. Because that slow-burning ember of 'no leads' will, at some point, move itself right onto your front burner, and then you’ll be glad you read this.

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Landing Page Alternatives: Where Else Should You Generate Leads?


If you’re a business and you’re not constantly generating leads, you’re probably relying on personal contacts or, worse, cold-calling sales techniques. Both of these methods consume a lot of energy; while personal contacts are only limited, cold-calling can seriously damage your brand reputation. So you might actually be doing yourself an ill service.

What inbound marketers do to generate leads for business clients is create campaigns that are supported by landing pages, forms, distribution and promotion. But here’s a question, are landing pages the ONLY way you can generate leads?

If I'm writing an article about this, then the answer is obviously a big fluffy NO. Here are some of the alternative ways you can make friends with your visitors without having to create those landing pages.

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Are Your Leads Qualified? Strategize Your Lead Generation


You’re doing some level of marketing but it’s not generating the results you hoped for. Or maybe you’ve never done any marketing (not even a proper website!) but you’re sure it’s not going to work anyway. Or maybe you simply don’t trust those sneaky, dishonest, lazy marketing agencies that have already disappointed you before. In any of these cases, you’re not seeing the bigger picture.

The reality is not that marketing doesn’t work, but that you’ve done marketing that is not results-driven. But maybe you, too, had your fair share of blame in it. All this time, you’ve been counting the quantity of your leads over the quality, losing the game in the long-run.  

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