Conversion is Not a Sale: It's the Top Digital Marketing Metric


If you haven't mastered all the internet marketing metrics yet, you should know this; conversion does not always mean a sale. It is a specific action taken by the user, who adopts a different role after that action.

For instance, a user visits your website, at this moment they are only a reader. Now when they submit a form, trading their information for exclusive content, they convert and become a lead; their role and value change.

Numbers like reach, bounce rate, time on website are merely hints that give you an idea about the current situation. All those metrics should serve to the sole purpose of increasing your conversion rate.

And although you will come across the term Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) a lot when reading about e-commerce marketing, so much that you would think it's specifically an e-commerce tactic, in reality, conversion is vital for ALL businesses who want to generate online ROI.

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6 Practical Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing


Everyone says it's more efficient to simply outsource your digital marketing than keep an in-house team. They have all the pros and cons ready for both options, but here's why this article is not one of those articles. This one will be a little different.

We think in-house marketing teams are great! They are always updated with the latest company news and can find information much more quickly than any marketing agency you might outsource from. But it doesn't mean that companies who already have in-house teams don't need to outsource. If only everything was as simple as that! 

Whether you have your own insider team or you are just starting to invest in marketing (in which case, where have you been all this time?!), here are 6 practical reasons you should find extra help with digital.

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We Are Inbound Certified. Why Should You Care?


Trust-building is essential for us; we have worked with companies that had no experience with digital marketing, companies that had a history of many attempts and those who simply didn't trust. In all cases, questions should be asked, answers given, so that the collaboration between two companies is productive on both sides. 

But we often wonder if there is a way to avoid a bad choice from the very start. For this purpose, we've built a separate guide on finding a digital marketing agency you can trust, but there is one additional point that needs a comprehensive discussion. The need for certifications. Does it really matter if a company is certified or not? Can a badge really have a difference in the results of the campaign? Here's what you should know.

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4 Main Benefits of Using Hubspot: A Client's Perspective


We talk a lot about how using marketing automation and committing to a long-term content strategy generates exceptional results for businesses, but sometimes these businesses may wonder how they can see those results. I believe that Hubspot's marketing automation software should be a daily tool not only for the marketing team, but also for the client. So, here are 4 ways you, as an inbound marketing client, can use the tool we love so much.

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Marketing With No Results … Why Would That Happen to You?


It is normal that you expect results. If your website does not generate leads that can be converted into paying customers, there is a good chance you're just wasting resources. But before you dismiss digital marketing as a solid way of turning your website into a profit-making machine, here are the most common reasons why your strategy is not producing the results it should and why everything is sooo slooooow.

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Our B2B Customers are Not Online, Why Should We Be?


If you’re leading a B2B company or its marketing division, it’s probably clear to you now that some online marketing channels and tools are simply not well suited for your industry. And that might cause the temptation to discard all online marketing possibilities and settle with the thought that your B2B business doesn’t need digital marketing.

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Why Do We Use Hubspot for Marketing Automation? And Why Are You Paying for It?


Photo Credit: Adam Gerard

You’re not only thinking about investing in digital marketing, but you are also considering doing it the inbound way, and that requires a budget and a long-term commitment. It's natural that you should wonder about the costs, and most importantly, why you should pay for Hubspot’s marketing automation tool when you can technically attain the same results using much cheaper tools. So, why do we use Hubspot?

Here’s the answer.

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How Long Does It Take for Inbound Marketing to Work?


I have been taught that results are what really matter. What I’ve later learned on my own is that you should also be smart and understand which results matter the most and which ones are worth your investment.

So before you are ready to bet your investment on inbound marketing, you are absolutely right to ask the most common question we hear from our customers: How long does it take for inbound marketing to show results?

Here’s your answer.

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What is the New Buyer Mentality or The Tale of “ZMOT, FMOT & SMOT”


Information is power. Let’s agree to agree on this. Everything we do here at Waypost—every social media post, blog article or campaign—is based on information, data, statistics, or other informal sources of knowledge. But we, an inbound marketing agency, are not the only ones doing it.

Information … or rather access to information has forever changed the way consumers make their buying decisions. And, of course, if they change the way they choose a product, your sales and marketing processes should also change.

According to a Google research, 88% of US customers are researching online before actually buying the product. So, instead of hoping to catch your buyers in the last phase of the buyer’s journey, you should now be a part of that journey from the very beginning, at the Zero Moment of Truth.

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I Don’t Trust Digital Marketing Companies …


Isn’t it ironic that digital marketing companies, which are delivering one of the most necessary services for today’s market, are suffering from so little trust among the business community? We’ve seen many businesses that were sitting on a gold mine with little online competition and a full tank of business opportunities letting it all go to waste because of a single challenge... mistrust towards digital marketing companies that could help their business grow.

It has never really been an issue of location. A web design agency in Greenville, SC can be having the same type of challenges as online marketing companies in Asheville, NC or across the country.

We understand your frustration! If you've received hundreds of calls from salespeople who went on and on with a scripted sales pitch, eventually you just hang up. Maybe your business even worked with a digital marketing company and felt disappointed and confused by lackluster results. 

There are great marketing agencies out there … there are hundreds of great cases and campaigns. So, why are you not hearing about them? Well, because they are not trying to bother you with a sales pitch. Instead, these companies are putting out loads of useful material that you can find if you simply start googling your issue.

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