Managing Your Marketing Expectations with SMART Goals


It's good to set goals, right? Goals give you something to strive for, something to drive you to keep improving and moving forward, and something by which you can measure success. With that being said, we know that when you commit to a marketing plan, you're going to have some goals in mind that you want to achieve which is great but...

I hate to break it to you, but you aren't going to get a 200% increase in social media interaction on Facebook when you only have 10 followers and are only posting every once-in-a-whenever-you-remember. If you want to actually achieve the goals you set, it's not enough to just set a goal or two you think sound nice, you have to put some thought into your goals and turn them into S.M.A.R.T. goals.

"Hey, that looks like some kind of acronym!" you're probably thinking. That's because it is some kind of acronym! Check out what it stands for:

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Better Late Than Never: Here are 12 Marketing Resolutions You Can Start TODAY!


It seems like we were just carving the turkey, unwrapping presents, and ringing in the new year, yet somehow it's already the last day of January—man, how time flies! 

If you haven't had a spare moment to sit down and define your goals for the coming year, we've put together this list of 12 marketing resolutions you can start on right now. We're highlighting these action items specifically because they'll help you maximize your time, increase your lead generation, and delight your customers. Let's get started:

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Web Design Doesn’t Matter: AIN’T NO MEAT IN A JELLYFISH


I cut my web design teeth in the age of skeuomorphism1 and flip phones. It’s OK if you don’t know what skeuomorphism means because no one is ever going to talk about it seriously again. In those days (this is 2003-2008) there was a culture of one-upmanship at work among web designers. We were pushing the boundaries to introduce more realism - more feeling and warmth - to the web. Your website was meant to feel like a room that was specifically yours - with your posters on the wall and your coffee rings on the desk. It’s no surprise that the actual content and function of the website was largely ignored. How many times did you have to wait for a painfully slow flash website to load just so the designer could literally add a flicker to the lightbulb that was inexplicably included in the design?

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State of Inbound 2015: Key Sales Takeways


The connection between sales and marketing continues to play a crucial role in internal communication and business growth potential. And that is exactly why I want to cover the main sales takeaways from the State of Inbound 2015 annual report by HubSpot. 

As an inbound marketer, I am convinced that sales and marketing are the two ends of a single pipeline, and if one end fails, the other does too. This is why I suggest you to stop reading this now and start with our previous Marketing Takeaways article. If you've done that already or are interested only in sales, then be my guest and read on. 

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7 Reasons Why Your Inbound Marketing Doesn't Work


Inbound marketing is the future. It's the only way for businesses to capture the attention of their buyers in an overly commercialized world. No one said it's easy, but we think it works. Moreover, we are convinced that it works every single time. 

So, if you are struggling to make your inbound marketing work ... and it just does not want to listen to you, maybe you're experiencing one of these 7 problems.

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6 Things Your Marketing Agency Should Know About Your Business


We all know, sharing is caring, but sometimes it is hard to share business data with others. It is not an easy task to clearly see the limit of "too much" and "too little." Nevertheless, keeping an open mind and an open report is the secret ingredient of marketing success.

So, here are the top 6 things your marketing agency should know about your business. 

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State of Inbound 2015: Key Marketing Takeaways


Every year inbound and outbound marketers anxiously anticipate the annual State of Inbound report to dig into what's going on in the inbound world, and now, we finally can. 

This time, Hubspot surveyed marketers from B2B, B2C and nonprofit sectors, although the majority of almost 4,000 respondents (69%) were from B2B companies, a pleasant surprise for those who believed inbound marketing is not for B2B. To save you time for scanning through the 73 pages of diagrams and numbers that might look like a set of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, we are giving you the key marketing takeaways. Both inbound and outbound marketers rank paid advertising as the #1 most overrated marketing tactic.

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Winning the Google Search: Do Keywords Matter?


The first page of Google! It is undeniably the most desirable place on the Earth for all digital marketers and SEO experts (frankly, we are guilty of this too). And whether you are a business owner or a marketing director, we know your eyes sparkle too whenever you hear it: your website is now on the 1st page of Google.

So how can you get there? Are keywords the best way of winning the SEO Olympics and securing your sweet spot on the first page of the most popular search engine? The answer is both yes and no .... we know it sounds complicated, but continue reading and you'll know what we mean.

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We Are Inbound Certified. Why Should You Care?


Trust-building is essential for us; we have worked with companies that had no experience with digital marketing, companies that had a history of many attempts and those who simply didn't trust. In all cases, questions should be asked, answers given, so that the collaboration between two companies is productive on both sides. 

But we often wonder if there is a way to avoid a bad choice from the very start. For this purpose, we've built a separate guide on finding a digital marketing agency you can trust, but there is one additional point that needs a comprehensive discussion. The need for certifications. Does it really matter if a company is certified or not? Can a badge really have a difference in the results of the campaign? Here's what you should know.

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Speak our language: Digital Marketing Metrics Businesses Need to Know


Digital marketing can’t be measured. This is one of the biggest myths that you might come across and the moment you hear it, take a deep breath and feel free to disagree. Digital marketing can be measured by a number of methods (in fact, many more than traditional marketing), depending on your goal and business type. The key metrics! That is the single most important task we marketers have after our morning coffee; reviewing and analyzing the key metrics of the website, SEO, social media, email, and any other campaign we are executing.

We think it is crucial for businesses to have a basic understanding of the metrics we use to measure our success, so that collaboration between us and our clients is always productive.

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