We Are Inbound Certified. Why Should You Care?


Trust-building is essential for us; we have worked with companies that had no experience with digital marketing, companies that had a history of many attempts and those who simply didn't trust. In all cases, questions should be asked, answers given, so that the collaboration between two companies is productive on both sides. 

But we often wonder if there is a way to avoid a bad choice from the very start. For this purpose, we've built a separate guide on finding a digital marketing agency you can trust, but there is one additional point that needs a comprehensive discussion. The need for certifications. Does it really matter if a company is certified or not? Can a badge really have a difference in the results of the campaign? Here's what you should know.

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Speak our language: Digital Marketing Metrics Businesses Need to Know


Digital marketing can’t be measured. This is one of the biggest myths that you might come across and the moment you hear it, take a deep breath and feel free to disagree. Digital marketing can be measured by a number of methods (in fact, many more than traditional marketing), depending on your goal and business type. The key metrics! That is the single most important task we marketers have after our morning coffee; reviewing and analyzing the key metrics of the website, SEO, social media, email, and any other campaign we are executing.

We think it is crucial for businesses to have a basic understanding of the metrics we use to measure our success, so that collaboration between us and our clients is always productive.

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Marketing With No Results … Why Would That Happen to You?


It is normal that you expect results. If your website does not generate leads that can be converted into paying customers, there is a good chance you're just wasting resources. But before you dismiss digital marketing as a solid way of turning your website into a profit-making machine, here are the most common reasons why your strategy is not producing the results it should and why everything is sooo slooooow.

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Landing Pages are Not Optional. You Need Them. Period.


The entire process of inbound marketing is based on phases and components that ensure the success of each phase. These components include the methodology, strategy, campaigns, functionality, SEO, landing pages, etc. Each plays a lead role in their own substory, so none of them can be tossed into a bin and forgotten until the dark times when your marketing doesn’t seem to work anymore … yes, even those landing pages! You need them!

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Our B2B Customers are Not Online, Why Should We Be?


If you’re leading a B2B company or its marketing division, it’s probably clear to you now that some online marketing channels and tools are simply not well suited for your industry. And that might cause the temptation to discard all online marketing possibilities and settle with the thought that your B2B business doesn’t need digital marketing.

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Why Do We Use Hubspot for Marketing Automation? And Why Are You Paying for It?


Photo Credit: Adam Gerard

You’re not only thinking about investing in digital marketing, but you are also considering doing it the inbound way, and that requires a budget and a long-term commitment. It's natural that you should wonder about the costs, and most importantly, why you should pay for Hubspot’s marketing automation tool when you can technically attain the same results using much cheaper tools. So, why do we use Hubspot?

Here’s the answer.

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How Long Does It Take for Inbound Marketing to Work?


I have been taught that results are what really matter. What I’ve later learned on my own is that you should also be smart and understand which results matter the most and which ones are worth your investment.

So before you are ready to bet your investment on inbound marketing, you are absolutely right to ask the most common question we hear from our customers: How long does it take for inbound marketing to show results?

Here’s your answer.

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What is the New Buyer Mentality or The Tale of “ZMOT, FMOT & SMOT”


Information is power. Let’s agree to agree on this. Everything we do here at Waypost—every social media post, blog article or campaign—is based on information, data, statistics, or other informal sources of knowledge. But we, an inbound marketing agency, are not the only ones doing it.

Information … or rather access to information has forever changed the way consumers make their buying decisions. And, of course, if they change the way they choose a product, your sales and marketing processes should also change.

According to a Google research, 88% of US customers are researching online before actually buying the product. So, instead of hoping to catch your buyers in the last phase of the buyer’s journey, you should now be a part of that journey from the very beginning, at the Zero Moment of Truth.

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What Google Really Thinks about Your Content Strategy


At this point, everyone who has some kind of online presence and engages in SEO copywriting should know not to treat Google as "just" a machine, but as a leader in its field and a near-essential for businesses looking to grow their customer base.

As a website owner (regardless of the niche), your main method of interacting with Google is by content. No wonder why 76% of B2B marketers say they will produce more content in 2016! They know that this is the best way to get Google's attention.

But really, don’t you want to know what is the best way of flattering Google with content? The answer is - you need to flatter your readers with high quality content, and if you do that, Google will approve. 

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Our Great HubSpot Experiment – Part 2


Last August, I wrote an article about our initial experience with using HubSpot for inbound marketing. In late 2014, we made a fundamental shift in our agency and chose to use HubSpot as the platform to manage inbound marketing for ourselves and our clients. If you missed it, you can read the full article here.

This month, we achieved a milestone by being recognized as a Gold Tier partner agency with HubSpot. It’s a significant achievement for us, so I thought I would take this opportunity to provide an update on our journey.
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Posted by Doug Fowler on May 5, 2016 in Inbound Marketing | 1 Comment