Better Late Than Never: Here are 12 Marketing Resolutions You Can Start TODAY!


It seems like we were just carving the turkey, unwrapping presents, and ringing in the new year, yet somehow it's already the last day of January—man, how time flies! 

If you haven't had a spare moment to sit down and define your goals for the coming year, we've put together this list of 12 marketing resolutions you can start on right now. We're highlighting these action items specifically because they'll help you maximize your time, increase your lead generation, and delight your customers. Let's get started:

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3 Ways to Convert More Customers from Social Media Marketing


So, your corporate social media pages are up and running, you’re posting the right content to engage your audience, and little by little the “army” of businesses following you is expanding. Awesome! But do these followers have a chance to become real business leads that would convert and result in marketing ROI?

Let’s start by saying that engaging on social media as a business is way more beneficial than harmful, but if you have spare digital marketing resources at hand, why not use them to gain more opportunities for your business?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting 3 ways to make your social media activity more targeted at converting customers!

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Does Your Company Need Social Media Listening?


Marketing is hard work, and social listening is one of the best ways to learn whether or not that work is paying off. What is social listening? Social media listening is the practice of monitoring the conversations and mentions about your company happening on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Companies use social media listening to evaluate brand reputation, get feedback from customers who share their experiences with your product online, or simply following-up on your marketing activities. 

Social listening will give you answers to a few questions like:

  • How popular is my brand within my community?
  • Are my customers satisfied with my products? Are they sharing those feelings on social media? 
  • What are my chances of a successful word-of-mouth campaign?
  • Did my last marketing campaign cause any reactions on social media? Were they positive or negative?
  • Were there any complaints or questions about my brand that I need to answer or address? 
  • What are my competitors up to?

Getting these answers will help to drive your marketing forward. Here are 3 main reasons why your company will benefit from social listening:

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Social Media Marketing: Turning Your Prospects into Friends


Social media has become an invaluable tool for business owners because it is the platform which consumers use to communicate with each other. Tons of business owners ignored social media when it first began, thinking it was only for individuals looking to maintain personal relationships.

Now, most businesses realize that they probably need some sort of social media face – maybe a Facebook page for their business. Few people, however, realize the difference between merely existing on Facebook and truly leveraging the power that social media offers.

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10 Social Media Best Practices


When it comes to social media marketing everyone wants in on the fun. According to Hubspot, 70% of the entire world's internet population is actively using social platforms — that's 2 billion people! We've already discussed the role social media plays in search engine optimization (SEO) and upcoming social trends for 2016, but have you really laid the ground rules for a solid social strategy? 

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4 Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch in 2016


One of the best reasons to hire an inbound marketing team like Waypost for your business is how rapidly the online marketing landscape — and consumer expectations for engagement — keep changing. It seems like there are always new platforms popping up, keeping companies jumping trying to stay ahead of the game. To help you know where to focus your social media marketing efforts in 2016, we've put together four of the biggest upcoming trends you'll want to keep your eye on.

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The DOS and DON'TS of Marketing With Instagram


Instagram is increasingly becoming the marketing platform of choice for everyone from small lifestyle bloggers to huge companies like Target or Starbucks. Although Instagram’s user-friendly interface and easy accessibility provide great marketing opportunities, it can nonetheless be tricky to navigate effective Instagram marketing without going overboard. Instagram wasn’t originally developed with marketing or corporate use in mind, which means there’s no direct A-to-B-to-C path towards a customer’s Zero Moment of Truth and utilizing it for commercial reasons can occasionally be frustrating.

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The Pros and Cons of Social Media Platforms


I think by now we all know how to use different social media platforms in our own personal lives, but using them professionally is a whole different story — afterall, tweeting for yourself and tweeting for your business require two completely different styles of tweeting. 

Social media marketing provides an opportunity to build brand recognition regardless of where you're posting, but each platform offers its own unique experience... so should your business really be on every social media site? With more and more platforms becoming available every day, it can be hard to keep up with where you need to establish a presence. Here's a list of pros and cons for 6 of the biggest and most popular social media platforms that will help you start making profiles in the right places.

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The Worst Social Media Marketing Advice Ever


In today's marketplace, social media has become a basic building block of your Inbound Marketing strategy. Without a modern web presence and up-to-date social media, your business might get lost in the shuffle as consumers search for the solution to their needs and wants online.

While it seems like every company knows they need social media, not everyone is well versed in just how to use it. We've heard some truly terrible advice on social media marketing here at Waypost, and we're here to help you avoid going the wrong way when it comes to how you're using your social media.

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6 Tips That WIll Help Improve Your Social Media Strategy


You've successfully started your social media strategy but are just not getting the customer engagement you were hoping for. We've put together some great quick tips to help you become the next social media superstar.

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