Using #Hashtags for Different Social Platforms

A girl engaging in social media on her mobileSocial media platforms are generally in competition with each other in terms of user engagement and the number of users following. However, they are united when it comes to hashtags. Hashtags have become an integral part of social media. Hashtags are used on every major social media site except LinkedIn. If you’ve been limiting your hashtag use to Twitter, it’s definitely time to step out to other social sites. There are many other networks that let you search and sort information by using hashtags.

Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter isn't where hashtags were originally born, but Twitter was the first social platform to really engage in the use of hashtags. I'm sure you already know, but #this is what a hashtag looks like on Twitter. 

Hashtags are clickable on Twitter, which means if you click on a hashtag a list will appear of all the tweets that are associated with that specific hashtag. The last thing you want to do is use too many hashtags in your tweets. Twitter best practices recommend no more than two hashtags in a single tweet. If you want to improve readability, you might also want to use CamelCase – notice that the #InboundMarketing hashtags are somewhat easier to read than #inboundmarketing. Hashtags are not case-sensitive, so using caps to shed your meaning isn’t risky.

Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is a FREE photo application that allows you to edit photos or videos and instantly share them on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr account. If you are adding a location to your Instagram post, you can also check in on Foursquare. You can grab media from your camera roll or take one directly through the app. Editing your media on Instagram is extrememly easy and that is what draws so many users to using this application to edit their media. Instagram has many different filters and you can even edit your brightness, contrast, and highlights of your media. 

The great thing about Instagram is you can add as many hashtags you want to your post. People can search each individual hashtag and discover every single photo that has ever used a certain hashtag. It's also great for social events, especially weddings. You can tell your guests that if they use Instagram, they can use your personal #hashtag then after the wedding you can go back and type your wedding hashtag in and discover all the photos your guest have shared all in one place. Our great city of Greenville, South Carolina uses the hashtag #yeahTHATgreenville. It has become so popular that people use the hashtag every single day. Head over to our Instagram to check out all the fun we are having. 

Hashtags on Pinterest 

Pinterest is a FREE popular social network. While other social networks like Facebook and Twitter focus on personal sharing and status updates, Pinterest is all about collecting and sharing the things you find on the Web. You have to sign up for a Pinterest account but, after that you can upload, save, sort, and manage your "pins". Pins is the term Pinterest uses for all the images and media content that is shared on the website. Pinterest is used to discover ideas for DIY projects, crafts, events, and honestly anything else you can think of. Every girl you know I'm sure has a their whole wedding planned on Pinterest. 

The wonderful thing about Pinterest is it engages in your audience with visuals. You can't upload any media to Pinterest without an image. Within your content, you can attach as many hashtags that are relevant to your post. There are no official rules on the number of hashtags you can add to a Pinterest post, and Pinterest hashtags seem to support the same set of characters as most other social platforms do. The most supportive way to use Pinterest hashtags is for branding your business and cross-promoting through Twitter and other social accounts.

Hashtags on Facebook

We all know that Facebook has hashtags but, are you using them properly? The key is not how many hashtags you use but how relevant are they. The best way to use hashtags on Facebook is to keep it at a minimum of 2 or 3. Use hashtags ONLY when they make sense and when you use something relevant that people can filter on to find more relevant conversation. If I wanted to create conversation around Website Redesign I would start including a hashtag #WebsiteRedesign and then I'd encourage conversation around this.

Facebook creates a unique URL for each individual hashtag used so you can point your audience to the conversation to engage through that hashtag and create more relevant conversation. So please don't hashtag #errythang (example of a pointless hashtag).

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