Web Analytics: Become the Know-It-All


"You cannot manage what you cannot measure."

Every website has specific business goals and defined objectives. Whether it is to generate leads, sell products or strictly provide information to your end client, you have invested a great deal of money into your digital marketing strategy. We know our customers expect more than just increased traffic. They expect and demand results.

But is YOUR website doing its job effectively?

In order to understand how effective your website is performing it is essential that you have a Web Analytics program running on your site. Otherwise the money you have invested in the site may be going to waste.

Maybe you already know the importance of Web Analytics and are already using it on your website.

Are you able to make sense of the analytics data?

The truth is Web Analytics is complex, and unless you have previous experience in analyzing site data, the task will be daunting. Our analytics tool of choice is Google Analytics.  In fact, every key member of our staff is Google Analytics certified.

Before you can start enjoying your morning coffee in front of the latest analytics data from your website, here’s where you should start:

  • Install Google Analytics on new and existing websites
  • Evaluate how Google Analytics is implemented on your website and identify opportunities for improvements
  • Develop custom Dashboards and Reports for clients to easily manage key metrics
  • Configure analytics to track offline marketing activities
  • Digital Strategy Sessions: We regularly analyze your Digital Strategy, evaluate your and website performance, and make recommendations for improvement. Our goal is to continually make improvements and keep our clients ahead of the competition. You are welcome to join!

Finally, decide the digital marketing metrics you want to track, and those that matter to your campaign. Not every metric is qualified for assessment. Want to talk more? Get in touch, we’d love to take a look at your problem, schedule a free consultation today.

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on March 23, 2016 in Internet Marketing | 0 Comments