What is a Landing Page, and How Do You Use It?

What is a landing page?

All the ways you can benefit from using landing pages in your internet marketingSimply put, a landing page is a web page that helps businesses capture leads. It is different from a Home page, which usually serves as the doorway to generic information about the various products, solutions, and services offered by the business. As such, a typical Home page has too many elements vying for the visitors’ attention. A targeted landing page will work towards compelling a visitor to take the specific and desired action that you want. There are several ways a visitor can be directed to your landing page.

The impact of your landing page can be measured by analyzing the number of visitors who convert. Tools, such as GoogleAnalytics, are available to measure the number of visitors. These tools will also provide you information on the means by which they landed there – was it yourSEO strategy or yourPPC campaign or your social media activities or even your direct mail campaign. If your inbound marketing campaigns are attracting a lot of visitors but none are converting into leads then the problem might lie with your landing page. The solution lies in enhancing and optimizing your landing page to maximize conversions.

Types of Landing Pages

Depending upon the objective you want to achieve, your landing page can be one of two types:
  • Informational landing page: If you want to present yourself as a thought leader then you can create an informative landing page, which displays content that is relevant to your visitor. Ideally, the information should center around the keyword that brought the visitor to your landing page in the first place. There should also be a Call To Action (CTA) which allows you to further engage with and nurture the prospect. The CTA could be in the form of a white paper, special report, video or any other content.
  • Action-oriented landing page: This is a landing page with a clear call to action. It could be oriented towards convincing a visitor to buy a product or capture contact information through an online form. If making a sale is the objective, you have to ensure that previous interactions with you provided the visitor enough compelling reasons to do so. If capturing information is your goal then you can do so by offering the visitor valuable content.
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