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5 Problems A Digital Marketing Automation Tool Can Solve

By Larisa Aslanyan
August 5, 2016 - read

Problems_You_Can_Solve_with_Marketing_Automation-Waypost_Marketing-Columbia-South_Carolina.pngRemember what it was like being a digital marketing expert some ten years ago? We went to work, switched on the computer, and opened Excel sheets. As funny as it sounds today, this was our primary digital marketing database. The lucky ones had some workflows automated like mass emailing or task management. The rest, however, were burdened with a huge load of manual work.

Today, a working style like that could kill the marketing potential of the business. Unless you are the only player in the industry (in which case, we hope you know that it's temporary), you have to withstand harsh competition. 

If your business is after long-term client nurturing, we are sure you have automated a few workflows. Nevertheless, there is a pressing need to replace them with a unified marketing software if you face one or several of these situations:

1. Your Digital Marketing Data is Not Organized

You have a proven lead-nurturing strategy, but you have to switch tools several times to get to the bottom of the funnel. Exporting and importing data from one tool to another not only means loss of time but also brings forth some risk of losing data and human error. Not to mention, a poorly-monitored strategy often results in deviating from standard routine. And once you notice that you made the wrong turn, you've already drove a few hundred miles into a wrong path!   

2. You Keep Guessing, Instead of Acting

There is no real way of making precise predictions on lead behavior. At any given point, both marketing and sales departments should have concise data of planned milestones and expected results. Lead scoring is also an important part of marketing big data. Automating marketing tasks and workflows will provide a steady flow of potential customers down the funnel, while your team can focus on measuring opportunities. This is a process that aims for ROI and is well suited for businesses that prefer results-driven marketing.  

3. You Don't Control Your Own Data

Employees keep the history of interactions with the lead in personal docs or notebooks. This is the worst (the absolute worst!) thing that could happen to your marketing and sales, especially if many employees are engaged in client-nurturing stages. What if someone leaves and a new marketing or sales specialist takes over this lead? Will they have to start from scratch or get lost in the labyrinth of complicated notes made by the previous rep?

Instead, how about a single platform where the logic is the same for everyone and data never gets lost? The last option sounds way better, doesn't it? Don't bypass this point even if you are sure employees will not leave your company (because they will at some point!). 

4. Less Talk, More Action!

Meeting between and within departments must be taking many working hours. In fact, there is a whole new trend of protesting long and useless meetings that could be replaced by action-oriented briefings. The modern world demands a virtual task workflow describing the detailed history of nurturing process. A single automation platform displays the current progress for all employees who have access to the project.

5. You Don't Know Why Your Leads Leave

Sometimes you lose a lead. It's a sad event, but it happens even with the best of us, so embrace the reality.  In fact, only 25% of leads are legitimate and have the potential to be transferred to sales (Source: Gleanster Research). However, if your digital marketing strategy is automated and aligned with the stages of the buyer's journey your lead goes through, you can actually generate reports on the exact stages you lose your leads at. If you don't know what disappoints them, you can never fix the issue and improve your process.  

But what if ...

Now imagine another scenario. Everyone on your team works in a unified environment (a virtual one!), each of them is a master of their responsibilities and any single employee has his own BIG DATA at hand. Sounds like you have everything under control!

Do you think you might want to give it a try? Well,  you can start with a free inbound assessment and find out your possibilities before you dive in. 

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