7 Reasons To Work With A REAL HubSpot Partner

reasons to work with a hubspot partner

In 2014, Waypost Marketing officially became a HubSpot Partner. Last year, we achieved Gold-tier status, and we feel that we're pretty much safe in calling ourselves "HubSpot experts."

We've run across a few firms in our industry calling themselves HubSpot partners, but—and I mean this with all due respect—they're just not in the same league.

Often, they don't even utilize HubSpot's marketing automation software for themselves and haven't shown any demonstrable success in using the platform on behalf of their clients.

They simply haven't put in the investment of time needed to really dig in and both understand HubSpot's products and services, or utilize them effectively. Unfortunately, that means they definitely won't be able to get you the level of reward that you deserve.

While these companies can seem more affordable on the surface, there's a reason we charge what we do. We have learned first-hand that you cannot dabble in Inbound Marketing—it takes a lot of time, a lot of knowledge, and a lot of talent... and most of all, it takes learning how to achieve success through experience.

Here are 7 reasons why you want to work with a bona-fide, experienced HubSpot partner (and Waypost in particular).

1. We’re awesome at what we do, and we can prove it.

The HubSpot software isn't only limited to marketing companies of a particular size or who show particular success. Any marketing agency of any size can purchase the software and call themselves a “HubSpot Partner.”

This is why the HubSpot Partner Directory is so valuable—you can check out who HubSpot recognizes as being highly successful, and you can check out what that agency’s clients say about them.

Furthermore, one thing Waypost tends to specialize in is clients who have unique, niche-type solutions that they sell, and a common concern I hear from prospects is, “My business is too complicated to get someone else to talk about.

At Waypost, we thrive on clients with complex businesses! It's our mission to understand not just what you do, but also to learn your story and how to tell that story to potential prospects. Just check out our case studies to learn more about the creative solutions we’ve provided for unique and interesting challenges.

2. We’re all certified, and we use this tool every day.

Any marketing automation software is complex, and the more functionality it has, the more overwhelming it can be to learn. It took us the better part of a year to become really comfortable with HubSpot’s platform.

Most companies—especially companies with a 1- or 2-person in-house marketing team—frankly don’t have the time or manpower to learn the methodology, the best practices, the software, and the data analysis in addition to keeping the current marketing ball rolling.

We invested (and still invest) significant time in becoming proficient in the HubSpot software, and they are constantly making changes. A new dashboard will roll out, or new features will be introduced, and we have all sorts of new things to learn.

It’s exciting, and we love being partnered with a company who is so innovative! HubSpot is constantly trying to provide better service for our clients, and we're all for putting the time and effort and research into keeping up with every single change.

There are still days when something goes wonky and we have to figure it out—I mean that’s any technology, right? So who do you want solving these issues when they arise—the person who spends a couple hours a month in it?

Or the person who spends several hours a day using all that powerful functionality?

3. On-boarding is no longer overwhelming for us.

What do I mean by on-boarding? I mean all those tasks that integrate the HubSpot software into your entire web presence—your site, your social media accounts, your email, your analytics, your paid advertising accounts, your CRM, everything.

There’s a lot of moving pieces that are all interconnected, and it is so easy to miss things!

At this point in time, we have completed the on-boarding process for around 20 clients. We have done this in tandem with complete web design/redesign projects and without any website development whatsoever.

We can develop on WordPress and integrate, or integrate with existing sites, or we can develop directly on HubSpot’s COS—therefore we can choose the solution that your business needs.

4. We can work with your existing marketing team.

If you have a marketing manager or an entire marketing team, we will be glad to work with them to whatever level you need, and we’ll help to train them in using HubSpot too.

We have often found that marketing managers have enough on their plate with the offline activity they’re responsible for, and they need to hand the digital side off to someone else. Your marketing manager can go directly into HubSpot and add in notes about offline activities (or tell us, and we can add them), so that we can see how those activities affect your online engagement.

Additionally, we can work with them to create the online strategy to support offline activities.

Alternatively, if you want to focus on other aspects of your business and put your marketing on autopilot, we can work that way too. You can be as involved as you want to be.

5. We are completely transparent.

We recognize that you are making a huge investment with us, and odds are good that you’ve been burned by shady vendors before.

Waypost will help you regain your faith in humanity. Our goal is to be your partner in growing your business, and you deserve our utmost authenticity.

HubSpot built this transparency directly into its platform. You will be able to log into your own HubSpot portal and see exactly what activities are planned and executed, as well as the results we are achieving for you. You can set up your own dashboard to see the activities and metrics that matter most to you. If you need help learning the software, we’ll train you. We report regularly, and usually have a meeting to sit down and go over that report—good, bad, and ugly.

6. Gold Partners get better channel consultants.

I’m going to share with you the biggest gripe I had about HubSpot in the beginning, and this is petty, but it drove me crazy—I knew more than our channel consultant.

You see, we were already a digital marketing agency. We understood content marketing, SEO, social media management, etc. We had to realign our thinking a little to adjust to the Inbound Methodology specifically, but we were not novice marketers by any stretch of the imagination.

Our channel consultant’s knowledge level frustrated me greatly. I would yawn through calls as she very clearly read through a script. I would ask higher-level questions about metrics or tactics, only to be given a non-answer (because she clearly didn’t know). Eventually, we stopped having the calls, because they were a giant waste of time.

So when I went to INBOUND 2016 (oh yeah, we go to the conventions too!), I expressed this frustration. And you know what? HUBSPOT LISTENED.

They gave us, as a Gold-tier partner, a new channel consultant who really helps us. When things go wrong, we know who to call to get it fixed—and it gets fixed. We have a real expert looking at our accounts, and we have a monthly strategy call with him where we get to talk advanced strategy and tactics—stuff we actually need. And we are able to achieve much higher levels of success for our clients because of this invaluable resource.

7. This process is too expensive to experiment with.

This is the bottom line. Whether you’re thinking maybe you can handle operating your own digital marketing via the HubSpot platform or whether you’re working with an agency that is just starting out in the Inbound Methodology, you’re going to spend a lot of time and money figuring all this stuff out.

We sympathize. We’ve been there. You’ve read about how we got started, how we decided to go All In, and we took a gamble and spent a lot of our resources becoming experts in HubSpot. Was it worth it? Absolutely. But do you have the resources to do what we did? Can you afford to take that much time and spend that much money? Only you can answer that.

If the answer is “Well… I don’t know. Maybe not,” give us a call.

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