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Too busy to need marketing?

Think again.

You're not the first to fall for this misconception. People assume that when business is going great, they don't need marketing. After all, if you already have a lot of work, why would you put in the effort to get more?  

The answer to that question can be boiled down to one thing: momentum.

Tags: Strategy

The American Dream is hard work. It's that work-hard-play-hard mentality that says, if you put in the effort on the front end, you'll reap the rewards.

Which begs the question... What kind of...

Tags: Strategy, Lead Generation

When contractor jobs aren't rolling in like they used to, you've got to find a solution.

Marketing may be one of the first things that comes to mind, but maybe you have a few hangups — one of them...

Tags: Digital Marketing

Every business owner faces it — As soon as you have your own company, people start coming out of the woodwork asking you for a job. Suddenly, your wife's friend has a second cousin who is an...

Tags: Strategy

There are two ways to produce content — sporadically or strategically. While there's a lot of freedom in sporadically creating content based on whatever comes to mind in the moment, treating...

Tags: Strategy

As marketers, we know that every stage of the buyer's journey matters. We pour our hearts and souls into the entire process from beginning to end. Of course, we love every minute of it, but just...

It's good to set goals, right? Goals give you something to strive for, something to drive you to keep improving and moving forward, and something by which you can measure success. With that being...

Tags: Strategy