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The list of SEO trends for 2020 is long and potentially confusing: semantic and voice search, influencers, BERT and EAT, snippets, and more. Some of these are CRUCIAL if you want your content to be seen and your site to be chosen before any of the others. But some of them may not be as important as others for you and your business.

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A lot of work goes into optimizing a website to rank well in search engine results. Everything from the way a website is built to the colors of the text can have an impact on your final SERP...

Tags: Digital Marketing, SEO

Structured data, in short, is content that has been formatted for use in an organized database. It’s sometimes known as schema, although schema is technically a subset of structured data....

Tags: Digital Marketing, SEO

We here at Waypost Marketing are here to help you simplify the internet, but we also want to make sure you understand as much about the internet as possible. To help you in your understanding,...

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