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PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a tool that was designed by Google to make my job as a developer easier, and it actually does a very good job of meeting that expectation. However, there are very few tools that have been more abused and misunderstood than this one.

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I won’t take much time to explain the BERT algorithm that Google recently implemented (October 2019). If you want a full, technical explanation, I recommend this article from George Nguyen. The...

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Low-hanging fruit.

Our approach to boosting the revenue of any client we partner with is to build strategies that appreciate in value over time. The compounding effect of our marketing tactics...

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For most B2B companies, event and trade show marketing is an invaluable tool. Even while digital marketing continues to pummel traditional marketing in terms of budget allocation, events make up...

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Waypost Marketing exists to make our clients successful. We don’t do fancy design award shows. We don’t care about our reputation among other marketing agencies. If we’re not helping your business...

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Sometimes it’s hard to see just how smart technology is becoming. The advent and evolution of Artificial Intelligence — already more than 60 years old, by the way — is something that we insist on...

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Traditionally, most property development companies use conventional marketing tactics such as print marketing, billboards, magazines, and radio. While these methods can, and have seen a lot of...

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The discovery phase is a collaborative research and analysis process. As a team, we work to uncover your challenges, goals, and needs from different expert perspectives.

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