Blogging Regularly, but Page Views Keep Dropping?

Blogging Regularly but Page Views Keep Dropping
One of the first pieces of advice you'll receive when trying to build up a good foundation for SEO in your business is to regularly create new pieces of content. Usually, blogging is the perfect answer for this problem — blogs can be short and sweet, keeping your website popping up in search results without having to revamp your basic content or constantly add new site pages, which can rapidly make your site tough to navigate for potential leads.

If you're blogging but your overall pageviews are still dropping — or they aren't budging an inch when you look over your monthly site performance — something's wrong. Regular blogs should be helping you out, not hurting you!

What can you do to perk things back up? We have a few ideas.

First Off: Are Your Company Blog Posts Optimized?

One problem that can keep your company's blog from being visible to search engines like Google is a lack of optimization. Even if you write a great blog on the benefits of custom-designed countertops in new home construction, a lack of optimization may mean it's basically impossible for your ideal customer to find what you've written.

The internet is a place brimming with every single conceivable type of information, from the kind that answers your every question to endless conversations about what sorts of jalapeno poppers are trendy in a city you've never been to and have no plans to visit.

Optimization helps you cut through the static to find the people who have a question only your blog can truly answer.

How can you optimize your blog post to show up at the top of those Google search results? Make sure to integrate your keywords into your blog post in a way that seems natural rather than forced, add an image (with included alt-text that mentions your keyword), and try to mention your geographical location to pick up local searches from your most likely customers.

Is Your Blog Easy to Find?

We've seen company after company wonder why no one is reading their blog... only to discover that the actual link to their blog is nowhere to be found on their site!

Your blog should be easy to locate and the link to it should be visible as soon as your website loads. We like to place the link in the uppermost top right, keeping it visible and above the fold without cluttering up the website's navigation menu. 

We suggest keeping things nice and clear when it comes to the label you use, too. We use 'Blog' or sometimes 'News,' depending on what our clients prefer, but personally I wouldn't get much more creative than that.

Your potential leads need to know exactly what they're getting when they click a link, so 'Latest Happenings'  or 'The Buzz Around the Buzzsaw' might leave those first-time visitors more confused than interested in learning more.

Remember — the internet is full of noise. Your marketing needs to be the signal that comes in loud and clear.

Finally... What Are You Writing About?

If you read nothing else in this post, you'll want to read this.

Is your subject matter even remotely relevant or interesting to your potential leads?

If you run a plumbing company, but your blog is all about your favorite brand of breakfast cereal? You'll have leads who do read your blog puzzled and it wont help you in the slightest when it comes to your Google search results.

Ain't nobody looking for the definitive guide to Raisin Bran options by checking out plumbing companies.

While that's an extreme example, it's a problem we see often. Companies ask us why their blogs aren't helping to bring them website visitors or new clients, and in the end the problem turns out to be that there simply isn't anything relevant to the business on the blog! 

While some local-interest blogs are useful (such as a blog talking about your favorite place to grab dinner after a long day at work), you don't want to overrun a company blog with nothing but updates on local events or your personal thoughts that aren't related to the story your potential clients want to hear.

Content Marketing Should Tell Your Story. That's Why We're Here.

You can't find potential clients and hook them on your unique story if they can't find you.

Blogs are a great way to keep regularly-updated content appearing on your website, pulling in leads with questions that only you can answer. At Waypost Marketing, we provide full-service Inbound Marketing based out of Greenville, SC. We'll provide you not only with updated website design that incorporates the latest on mobile responsiveness and site design trends, but also with exceptionally crafted content designed to hook that potential lead and ensure your story is told. To schedule a consultation and learn what Waypost Marketing can do for you reach us by phone at (864) 288-6162 or contact us online at any time!

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