The Business Owner's Guide to Reaching the Zero Moment of Truth

Couple Making a Buying Decision

Many companies resist the idea that they should outsource their marketing department, believing that no one outside the company could possibly understand their business as well as they do. 

We totally get it - you're the expert on what you do! That expertise is, after all, why your company is the best option your prospects have for finding the product or service to solve their particular problem. 

Unfortunately, this "we stand alone" belief can get some businesses into hot water. The business owner may try to handle content production on their own, or hire a single marketing manager and expect them to handle all of the marketing initiatives for the whole company! That's three to five jobs rolled into one, and it can lead to substandard content production or employee burnout.

The truth is, a business owner is far too busy actually running the business to be creating consistent content that is focused, strategic, and varied for maximum success.

To successfully market in an increasingly connected marketplace, you need the ability to manage all of the work involved in executing a successful digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is truly several full-time jobs.

Regardless, many companies still try to tackle the marketing monster in-house, and one of the most common mistakes that they make is that they only talk about what they want to talk about.

They produce content that talks endlessly about their product or service, and they never ever realize that they’re missing the target completely.

Being the Subject Matter Expert doesn’t mean much if your content isn't compelling or isn't what your prospects are searching for.

Effective digital marketing requires getting into the psyche of your prospective buyer. What do they need to know in order to decide to buy from you? Where are they going to go to look for it? How can you reach them at the Zero Moment Of Truth?

 First, you have to get them interested.

 This means you have to know what pain your prospects are trying to solve:

  •  What is the problem they’ve recently become aware of?
  • Where are they going to try to understand it?
  • What keywords are they searching?
  • Who are they talking to?

Create content that raises awareness of the problem, and optimize it so that Google realizes that you’re the company providing a great answer to this problem and you have the authority and credibility to be trusted.

Publish and distribute this content so it gets in front of the people who need it. Make it easy for readers to find your website, so that your site can do its job and continue offering help to your prospects. 

Next, educate them.

People aren't just searching for a pat answer and a phone number. They want to thoroughly understand the problem so they can evaluate and understand the available solutions. 

It’s your job to know what their questions are and to provide the answers. Not only should your off-site content contain answers to common questions, but your website should be designed to provide those answers as well.

Help your prospects understand the potential solutions to their problem, and be authentic. This is where you can start to talk features and benefits, as the prospect is starting to select the solution that fits them best.

Keep in mind, however: features and benefits do not close deals.

Finally, be the best solution to their problem.

You genuinely believe that yours is the best solution available, and here is where you convince your prospect of that. Highlight your differentiators. Showcase your expertise, your authenticity, your excellent customer service, and your competitive pricing.

Offer free consultations, price comparisons, and whatever else a prospect might need in order to convert into a lead.

People want to know that they are going to have a great experience working with you, so figure out what you need to present them with to demonstrate that. Case studies and testimonials are invaluable tools in tipping the scales in your favor.

If you’re realizing that you need to be leveraging the power of the Zero Moment of Truth, help yourself to our e-book. It will help you understand how the marketing landscape has changed over the last few years and how you can begin to shift your thinking to match it.

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