Case Study Highlights: American Bedding Manufacturing


The Client

American Bedding Manufacturing is a family-owned company that manufactures and distributes high-quality bedding to camps, shelters, colleges, and other organizations on a national scale.

The Problems

ABM had not seen any measurable increase in leads generated or traction on their competitors, despite having worked with several "SEO" companies. Constant communication breakdowns, a lack of understanding of ABM's business goals, and a lack of an overarching, cohesive marketing strategy led to disappointing performance.

Because the "SEO" companies they previously worked with did not show measurable success, ABM was uncertain about how much of an impact their online presence could have on their business, even though their website was brand new. They were doubtful that it was effectively generating leads, and were hesitant to invest more money into a full-blown Inbound Marketing strategy.

Without a true marketing department — or even a full-time marketing manager — ABM's bookkeeper was charged with juggling all of the marketing activities. She was overwhelmed by the amount of work involved.

The Context

Before calling on us, all of American Bedding’s marketing fell to Hali – who was also the company’s bookkeeper and HR representative. It was Hali who first reached out to us looking for someone who could reduce her workload and bring some expertise to the table.

Once we made the connection, ABM was quick to communicate their frustrations that previous marketing companies weren’t able to fully understand the nature of their business.

You can’t successfully market a product that you don’t understand, and business owners in niche industries are often hesitant to hand over their marketing to an agency partner for that very reason.

Our team spent significant time doing Project Discovery, learning the history of American Bedding – where they came from and where they want to go – and gaining an understanding of exactly what they do and how they are unique.

Once we had established a good relationship with American Bedding and invested ourselves into their business, the results magically* appeared.

*It wasn’t magic, unless hard work is wizardry. We were taking the time to create relevant, accurate content for their audience, delivering that content effectively to an audience that we have researched and understand, and nurturing the leads that came through as if they were leads for our own company. The difference between Waypost Marketing and every other company that American Bedding has worked with is our understanding that the secret to successful inbound marketing is careful attention, hard work, and meaningful connections.

The Solutions

Full Usability, SEO, & Site Content Audit

American Bedding had an adequate website already, but a full usability, SEO, and site content audit turned up a laundry list of optimizations that boosted conversion rates on critical pages seemingly overnight.

Content Creation Targeting Key Verticals and Differentiators

An obvious solution aided by thorough project discovery, our 90-day content strategy focused on filling a content void surrounding American Bedding’s key differentiators and verticals.

Instant Catalog Download

American Bedding was still delivering their catalogs to warm leads by mail. We digitized the content and began delivering it immediately in multiple formats.

The Results

  • 15% Increase in Q2 revenue — attributed to Waypost
  • 25% Increase in qualified leads since partnering with us
  • 65% Increase in qualified leads from new markets

Here's What The Client Had To Say

"The companies that we've had before were supposedly SEO-driven, but we had very, very few leads, and the leads that were coming in were not qualified.

We're getting great, qualified leads from Waypost Marketing — and not just traditional leads from our traditional customers. These are new markets that we cannot physically reach by our trade shows. We were not reaching some of the people that we are getting now."

— Dale Reynolds, VP Sales

American Bedding is an amazing company, but they aren't our only success story!

If you think you could use some help, let us know!

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