VIDEO: Does Marketing Automation Work For Luxury Brands?

marketing automation for luxury brands

Previously, we looked at the importance of building Buyer Personas in luxury brand marketing. Buyer Personas set a solid foundation for your content marketing strategy by taking into account two of the biggest differences between the Luxury Living Buyer and other niche markets: a longer time needed for consideration and research, and a mindset that prioritizes value over price.

When your business depends on luxury buyers, you can't just sit back and wait for their money to come to you. The mission of your marketing team is to prove the value behind your pricing structure, using proven content marketing strategies that meet your prospective customers right where they are. 

These strategies often involve some serious time investment, and one cost-effective solution to that problem is marketing automation. How can using automation help you reach a buyer who is searching for very specific answers to their important questions?

Let's start with a (very) short video.

Marketing Automation: An Inbound Marketing Superhero

We're huge fans of the Luxury Living niche. Marketing to individuals who have worked hard, often sacrificing luxuries early on, and who have reached a place in life where they're prepared to celebrate their success is a lot of fun once your strategy is in place.

Luxury buyers have often been planning and preparing for large investment purchases like a custom golf cart or a 2 week river cruise for years. They'll ignore or turn away from strong-arm sales tactics, and they want some extra time for careful research and consideration before they make their choice.

What choice they make often depends upon which company is most willing to act as a partner to their decision-making, and where they feel they'll receive the greatest value for their purchase.

You'll need to provide compelling, informational, and varied pieces of content that don't just answer the questions they've thought to ask. You'll also want to answer those questions they haven't even thought of yet. 

This is going to sound like a lot of work, and I won't sugarcoat it... it is a lot of work. You'll need to invest time and resources not just into researching what kinds of questions you'll need to answer or information you'll want to make available, but also in developing, designing, producing, and sharing all of that content so your customers can more quickly realize you are the solution they've been searching for.

For many in-house marketing teams, the problem doesn't have to do with the production or designing of content. They just don't have the time to get buyers this information before they've ever made contact.

Alongside design, production, and dissemination, they'll also need to analyze success rates for their current tactics, change up strategy as needed, come up with new ideas, and find time to implement those, too. 

(Have you noticed that we haven't even begun to touch on sales yet?)

How can you reach interested customers and still find time to take a deep breath and even sometimes a coffee break?

Invest in Marketing Automation

While we can't automate everything about marketing, automation can help you solve that time crunch by setting on autopilot some of the most time- and resource-intensive processes involved. For example, you can:

  • Schedule blog articles to publish weeks or even months in advance
  • Build a targeted email campaign that will utilize email marketing not just for the occasional newsletter, but to consistently engage your customers with new content
  • Automate social publishing, so every blog makes it to the widest variety of eyes
  • Nurture your leads from their first visit, to the point-of-sale, and beyond

Automating your marketing efforts allows you to share more information on products or services, offer promotions your site visitors can take advantage of, or just provide no-pressure-info that gives context and value to every interaction. Your company's content will be an organic part of a luxury buyer's research process without intruding or resorting to old-school sales tactics would just drive them away.

You'll also be able to utilize analytical tools—usually built right into the marketing automation platform—that provide you with invaluable information on what leads are doing, the information they're most engaged with, and which products or services most often catch their eye. With all that detailed info, you can segment potential prospects and ensure personalized, targeted content heads right to their digital doorstep.

Successful marketing automation for luxury brands allows you to craft a detailed digital marketing strategy, build it from the ground up, and schedule it to implement itself with minimal oversight and without sacrificing personalized customer interaction.

Even if you don't have the in-house marketing team ready to become absolute experts in marketing automation for luxury living, you can still take advantage of all these benefits!

You just need to find the right team.

(Hint: It's us.)

You Need a Team. We Can Help.

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