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Does Your Website Need a Breath Mint?

By Doug Fowler
October 20, 2014 - read

Google Analytics Benchmarking Data is Back

your_website_needs_a_design_makeover.jpgJust last month Google Analytics announced the return of industry “Benchmarking” data that consists of key metrics generated from websites. That’s data from hundreds of thousands of websites if you're keeping score.  So, with so much data the metrics are pretty statistically significant and really give an accurate picture of what’s going on with websites.

The fun for me, and it’s NOT looking at all that data, is that I just “zero in” on a few numbers that I think are important like BOUNCE RATE. The significance of Bounce Rate for me is that this one number tells me if websites are making a good FIRST IMPRESSION and getting that potential client to spend some time on the site and look around.

But first, let’s define BOUNCE RATE. Bounce Rate is when a web Visitor, or in this case a potential customer, comes to your home page and EXITS your site WITHOUT going to any other pages, in most cases within 15 seconds. For years Google reported this number as a range, generally between 40% and 60%. Now the numbers are getting a little more exact. For examples, the Bounce Rate for websites in the general Business & Industrial category are currently  coming in at 54%. For those keeping score at home – High Bounce Rate BAD – Low Bounce Rate GOOD.

OK, so it’s 54%, what exactly does that mean to my website and my business?

I’ll answer that question, if I may, with a little game of pretend. First, let’s pretend that your website is a salesperson. Second, your salesperson meets 100 potential clients. Third, your salesperson introduces themselves to all 100. Fourth, 54 of those 100 potential clients walk away while your salesperson is still talking.

WOW! Say goodbye to HALF of your potential clients, “POOF” gone in 15 seconds. I guess that game of pretend wasn’t much fun was it? However, Bounce Rate is not pretend IT’S REAL!

But wait, before you BOUNCE the baby out with the bath water, please realize that  knowing your Bounce Rate is a good thing even if it’s ugly. Because now you know exactly how to measure your salesperson’s FIRST IMPRESSION effectiveness. If it’s not good, maybe some home page “makeovers”, changing some text, or sprucing up your Value Proposition to make a better FIRST IMPRESSION is in order.

Of course many of you may be happy with that 54%. But here at Waypost Marketing we’re NOT. Our average Bounce Rate is 34% (that’s 21% lower than the Google average). Some of our clients even come in below 20%. We work hard to make that FIRST IMPRESSION a good one which in turn brings in more clients. But it all starts with knowing one number – YOUR Bounce Rate.

Is your Website’s first impression a good one or does it need a BREATH MINT? Contact Waypost for a complimentary review of your website, 864-288-6162. What’s your thoughts?

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