Here for the Food: Our Favorite Restaurants in Greenville, SC

Restaurants in Greenville, SCGreenville's been popping up in news and in magazines lately as the latest great place to visit or even to live. It's been pegged as perfect for families, couples, single people, retirees... basically, it's the Mary Poppins of cities — practically perfect in every way.

(Don't sue us, Disney.)

If you've thought about vacationing in our gorgeous city or even coming here to stay, you may be wondering what the best place is to eat! I took some time and asked our Waypost crew to give me their recommendations for their favorite restaurants in Greenville, SC. This is what they had to say:

Doug Fowler, President: Stella's Southern Bistro in Simpsonville. It's kind of like my Cheers. Nearly everyone there knows my name and my drink. Everything is locally sourced and the cheese board is the best in town. I usually start with the Blood Orange Duck Proscuitto salad and then have the fish special for the day (it was a Tile fish on my last visit), or the grilled, bone-in pork chop. Oh yeah, they also have a great wine selection. 

Erin Durham, Vice President: I literally cannot live without eating tacos at La Parilla at least once a week.

Sam Gerdt, Creative Director: My favorite restaurant in Greenville is a complete tie between India Palace and Barley's Taproom, and you will never ever get me to break that tie for any reason — unless a new restaurant called Barley's Palace opened up that served both menus simultaneously.

Matt Cleveland, Technical Director: India Palace has some of the best Indian food I've ever had. If you never had Indian food before, I recommend the Thali plate. Think of it like a sample platter with a little bit of everything on it; you're sure to find at least a few things that you enjoy. Also, you can't leave without downing at least five glasses of their spiced tea. And cheese naan. I should not be writing this right before lunch.

Michelle Phillips, Inbound Marketing Strategist: I got 700 words into my original 10-restaurant response, which was organized by category and broken down into bullet points, before I thought of 3 more restaurants and categories I forgot. Then it hit me: I am out of control. I can't answer this question because I just adore so many restaurants in the area and am so passionate about great food. It seems unfair to leave any out! I love trying new restaurants so much that I have a dedicated journal where I log my experience each time I go to a new place (I have a shiny star sticker rating system and everything). So my favorite restaurant in Greenville is "yes" and my favorite dish is "all of them." Hit me up if you want my original full length response or any recommendations! (Editor's note: She really did originally write more than 700 words in response, and it really was broken down by category... and she really will send it to you if you ask.)

Katie Faulk, Content Manager: My original answer was "I should probably say the Starbucks by Target on Woodruff Road since I am there basically every day", but honestly my all-time favorite place to eat in Greenville is Mekong on Wade Hampton Road, for Vietnamese food. We're there often enough that they have begun just giving me the childrens' chopsticks when we come in, since they know I will only embarrass myself and everyone around me if I try to use the grown-up ones. Best things to order: Fried calamari, duck and egg noodle soup, Vietnamese coffee (hot OR iced). 

Danielle McKelley, Senior Inbound Marketing Producer: The best meal I've ever had in Greenville was at Rick Erwin's Nantucket Seafood (located downtown). I ordered the Pecan Crusted Mountain Trout with mango salsa and homemade whipped potatoes. I could cry right now because I'm not having that for dinner every night. Ended the night with their creme brulee topped with nuts and berries. 

Emily Park, Senior Inbound Marketing Producer:  Stomping Grounds is my choice. It's actually in downtown Greer (a neighboring town with a historic main street). Stomping Grounds is a coffee shop that also serves panini, homemade pastries, beer, wine, etc. It’s locally owned (in fact, it’s often one of the owners who’s running the counter), and they host local musicians so there’s almost always free entertainment. I often come here to sit on the comfy couches, drink tasty coffee, and write (gotta finish my next book). Plus, it has special meaning to me since it’s where my fiancé and I had our first date and one of the places we visited the day we got engaged. Awwww.  

Heidi Willard, Inbound Marketing Producer: I have to say Universal Joint. They have delicious burgers, perfectly crispy tots to go with them and and a wide open patio. What more can you ask for?

Larisa Aslanyan, Demand Generation Analyst: I decided to feature a restaurant in my home city of Yerevan here in Armenia. It's called "The Italian," and it's located in the building where I work, but it's not just the location that has me visiting so often! Their Pesto Spaghetti is just delicious and the waiters are a whole new level of fun. There is no way I'm ordering anything without joking back and forth for a minute first. A meal served with such entertaining and warm human interaction always tastes excellent! Our building is located right in front of Vernissage, a local open-air market where tourists come to buy local art and crafts, ancient carpets, and jewelry. So, you sit there, sipping on an Italian wine or a cup of cappuccino, watching the culture of the country unfold before you. I'll take this deal any time of the day! 

Gabrielle Brayton, Production Designer: The best restaurant and food I have ever had was at Hall's Chophouse on Main Street in Greenville. I never knew a steak could melt in your mouth but it can. Also the Lobster Mac n Cheese will most likely be in heaven. I am pretty sure the waitress got annoyed at me because I kept telling her that this was the best steak on the planet. I even get emotional telling people about this food because it was so incredibly good.

There you have it - every member of the Waypost Team's favorite place to eat! If you're looking for recommendations that are a little bit more specific, such as the best place to grab coffee in Greenville, where we prefer to celebrate Taco Tuesdays (or Cinco de Mayo, or Mexican Mondays, or 'Literally Any Excuse to Get Tacos' Day...), just keep an eye on this blog for upcoming recs from the Waypost crew!

What's your favorite place to eat in Greenville? Leave us a comment below!

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