How Logo Design Can Make or Break Your Business

Logo Design Can Make or Break Your Business

They say that first impressions are everything, and your logo provides the first 'face' to your company that many of your prospects see.

It should encompass just about everything—providing a concise reflection of the people, processes, products, and services involved in your business. 

To tell you that your logo matters is an understatement.

Logo Design is More Choosing a Color and Font

Strong logos go through a process of refinement, from first conception through final design.

Crafting a strong logo design involves delving not just into logo types, composition, fonts, and color choices; it should also include thinking over the psychology of your ideal customers, looking through your Buyer Personas and at examples of successful logo designs in your industry to get an idea of what aesthetics speak best to the prospects you're hoping to attract.

When that refinement process is missing, you'll have lackluster logos that don't capture attention or don't accurately reflect your business in a positive light. 

While many business owners think logo design is the least important aspect of brand development and getting their marketing efforts off the ground, the research disagrees.

According to an article on by Dan Antonelli, “The logo you choose to represent your business won't be an afterthought [to the customer]; instead, it will define your whole brand. Yes, starting or growing a business is an arduous experience that involves many considerations and a careful use of precious resources. But when making decisions about how to invest your time, energy and capital, you should remember that in today’s marketplace, you cannot afford to shortchange your branding. It’s likely the single most important decision you’ll make.”

In-House Logo Design vs. Working With an Outside Designer

When considering your concept for logo design, as well as your budget, you'll likely find yourself wondering if you can keep logo design totally in-house, or if you'll need to look for an outside designer to take on the project.

Handling logo design in-house will cost less, to be sure, but that doesn't make it the better option.

Asking your in-house marketing person, whose job might generally focus on content marketing, to take over design is asking for them to take on a whole new full-time job they were never trained for alongside the one they already have.

Plus, asking someone without the expertise and experience in design to handle putting together a logo will put you at a huge disadvantage compared to your competition.

A substandard logo won't be effective and will end up costing you money long-term. Customers who might otherwise have been interested in your company will be turned away by poor logos that don't reflect your professionalism. 

When you've built a solid company that provides excellent services, it's essential to make sure that your logo design reflects the high quality of your business!

When the average Joe is searching for a product or service to solve his particular issue, whether it's a clogged-up sink, high-tech (but still affordable) workout clothing, legal services, or really any product or service there is, he wants to find a company that is professional and knows what they are doing.

A poorly-designed logo is a big red flag to prospects that this business isn't going to be able to provide the expertise they're searching for, and your company could see their reputation damaged as a result. 

Don't let poor logo design drive your customers  away, only to end up choosing your well-designed competitors.

Take your thoughts about how you'd like to present your business to the world, the logo references you'd like to use when crafting your own perfect first impression, and mold them into a direction that will help you in this process.

In the end, you will look back and realize that it was all worth it!

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