How to Convince Your Boss to Work with an Inbound Agency

Inbound Marketing Agency

So, you’ve heard about inbound, you’ve done your research, and you see how perfect it would be for your company. Inbound marketing is just the thing you need to really connect with new customers and build your company's brand. You understand the amount of work that is involved and the huge investment it would be to try inbound marketing on your own. You’ve decided the best way to implement an inbound marketing strategy is to hire an inbound agency... the only problem is that now you have to find a way to convince your CFO to go along with your plan.

Working with an Agency Saves Money

The number one road-block to any business decision is money. Thousands of great ideas get pushed aside every year because top level executives don’t see the value in them. The biggest obstacle you have to face when convincing your boss to work with an inbound agency is to show him or her the value that working with an agency brings to the company.

Consider this; if your company were to commit to implementing an inbound marketing strategy, they would first need to hire the right personnel for the job. Between hiring decision makers, strategists, coordinators, content writers, and designers, a lot of money goes into paying the team responsible for executing an inbound strategy. In addition to the cost of labor, there is the investment in the technology itself. Good marketing automation software can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $2,500 per month for the license.

For a fraction of the cost of implementing an inbound marketing strategy and managing it completely in-house, your company could hire an agency to manage and execute it for you.

Working with an Agency Saves Time

In addition to the huge amount of money that working with an agency can save your company, it can also save you a lot of time. Inbound marketing requires content, a lot of content like

Not every company has the manpower to be able to handle the vast amount of content that needs to be created in order for inbound marketing to be successful.

Showing your boss how much time would need to be allocated just to developing high-quality content—and how much time would be saved by working with an agency—might be just the push he needs to give you the go-ahead.

Working with an Agency Provides Expertise

When you work with an inbound marketing agency you not only get a full team of strategists, content writers, and designers working for you at a fraction of the cost of doing inbound on your own, you also get all the expertise they have built up over years of experience.

Inbound marketing agency team members are experts at executing this strategy. It’s what they do all the time. A good agency will have team members who specialize in writing captivating and compelling content, designers who excel at creating graphics and calls-to-action that make people want to click, and strategists that are experts at working alongside companies and developing strategies that are unique to them and their specific goals.

When you work with the right inbound marketing agency your company gets all of this expertise for far less investment and risk than trying to do it all in-house. Save time, save money, and save the mistakes of learning inbound with an inbound marketing agency!

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