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I Don’t Trust Digital Marketing Companies …

By Larisa Aslanyan
May 18, 2016 - read


Isn’t it ironic that digital marketing companies, which are delivering one of the most necessary services for today’s market, are suffering from so little trust among the business community? We’ve seen many businesses that were sitting on a gold mine with little online competition and a full tank of business opportunities letting it all go to waste because of a single challenge... mistrust towards digital marketing companies that could help their business grow.

It has never really been an issue of location. A web design agency in Greenville, SC can be having the same type of challenges as online marketing companies in Asheville, NC or across the country.

We understand your frustration! If you've received hundreds of calls from salespeople who went on and on with a scripted sales pitch, eventually you just hang up. Maybe your business even worked with a digital marketing company and felt disappointed and confused by lackluster results. 

There are great marketing agencies out there … there are hundreds of great cases and campaigns. So, why are you not hearing about them? Well, because they are not trying to bother you with a sales pitch. Instead, these companies are putting out loads of useful material that you can find if you simply start googling your issue.

Tell Me the Truth. Do I REALLY Need Digital Marketing? 

Yes, you do!

Let us take another guess. You have worked very hard for years to establish and run the business you have, but now have noticed a change in your community. Your partners are no longer calling you to request information or a quote. By the time they give you a call, they already know what they want, how they want it, and even tried a few of your competitors.

You know other companies are already online, and your customers are online too! So, what are you waiting for? A business should always go where its customers are. Whether it’s social media, a popular blog your community follows, or an opinion leader, you need to be there too.

Every business needs digital marketing. In fact, “digital marketing” is no longer an optional subset of the trade. It IS marketing, it IS the best way of communicating to the new buyer mentality.

How Do I Know What Company to Choose?


There are a few ways you can learn about a company before giving them your signature or even contacting them.

1. Read their blog: Especially in marketing, a company's blog is their front office, customer service, and PR department. It usually reflects the company's character and what that company specializes on. For instance, if the blog is very cold and formal, you’re most likely to receive the same kind of customer service. If it’s warm and welcoming, then the staff writing those articles is too. If the company writes about millennials, then that’s the target they cater to. If their focus seems to be primarily on businesses, then they’re heavily invested on B2B sector. 

2. Follow their clients: It goes without saying that you need to follow the marketing agency you’ve chosen for a while. Like them on social media, start talking to them on LinkedIn, and subscribe to their email newsletters. It’s the best way to see their work in action. Also, take the time to follow their clients! Forget about their portfolio, look for the newest clients and what they’re doing in terms of marketing.

3. Read reviews and testimonials: Reviews and customer feedback remain one of the most important factors of assessing a company. If their customers are happy with them, it means they are definitely doing a good job. The fact that their customers and partners are taking time to contribute to the company's marketing with Yelp with their positive feedback is the most powerful indicator that you should at least give that agency a call.

4. Customer recommendation: Do you know someone at a business that has already worked with the web design company located in Greenville, SC you're interested in? Feel free to ask for an opinion from local businesses they've worked with. Don’t focus on the results, as they might be different for your business (remember, every marketing plan is unique), but do ask about the work culture and company’s attitude towards their customers.

5. Timing is Everything: No one likes sending emails and waiting for days and weeks for a reply. A good way to see if the marketing company is worthy of your trust is simply by writing to them. Ask them a question or request more info regarding a specific challenge you’re having at your company, and see how they handle communication. Do they get back to you right away or do you wait days until someone takes notice of your  email in their inbox? Believe me, this is basically a test drive of the company’s customer service practices, and it will tell you a lot.

6. Are we a good fit? Finally, it all really comes down to whether you’re a good fit or not. Some agencies and businesses are simply not meant to be together, no matter how well-run either company is. This will be crystal clear once you start a line of communication. Digital marketing companies generally maintain their own buyer personas and target audiences. Sometimes, your business and a good marketing company may simply not be a good match.

How Do I Know if My Marketing is Working?

Metrics are how you measure your success. What kind of results were you looking for? Some companies are most interested in traffic or bringing in leads, while others are looking to build a positive online presence and reputation. Make your goals clear to them in the beginning and expect relevant results.

In case you haven’t done this yet, here’s how you can calculate your ROI.

There are times when you should just trust your marketing agency. After all, it's their focus to know what will work and what won't. Be supportive and communicative, but never try to lead the marketing strategy yourself. You’ve hired them to do that. Always ask if you have questions, let them know if you notice an opportunity or a threat, and simply let them become a member of your team.

So, Should I Trust Marketing Agencies Now?

Well, if a company still doesn’t seem reliable to you after evaluating them on this guide, then, of course, you should not trust them. If you need marketing help, never wait for a sales person to reach out to you with a sales pitch. Instead, make the first step towards solving your issue and, a final tip, here is where you should start.

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