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Improve Your Email Marketing in 5 Easy Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Larisa Aslanyan
January 26, 2017 - read

We’ve all heard that email marketing is dead. While it is true that social media platforms have taken the spotlight, email hasn’t really gone away. What has happened is that consumers looking to find a solution to their question or concern are connecting with emails differently.

Small businesses especially often rely on email marketing to keep their product or service in the forefront of their customers’ minds. Even in our own inboxes, we see small businesses sending out monthly newsletters or even daily updates designed to keep us clicking to see what’s new.

The problem is, we also see them making a lot of marketing mistakes.

Take a look at the infographic below to see a few pieces of simple advice designed to help you get more clicks, more leads, and better engagement from your email marketing:Improve E-mail Marketing Infographic

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