VIDEO: Marketing to the Luxury Living Industry Part 1—Buyer Personas

Marketing to Luxury Living Industry Buyer PersonasThe Luxury Living vertical is such a fun niche for us! This vertical encompasses industries like pools, outdoor kitchens, golf carts, or anything that, strictly speaking, is fun to buy.

The reason we enjoy this vertical so much is because we get to be a part of a customer celebrating their success. Buyers of these products have worked hard and smart, they’ve sacrificed, and they’ve reached a place where that hard work is paying off. Finally, they get to enjoy the financial rewards of their success and turn their dream lifestyle into a reality.


The Luxury Living Persona… and How You Market To It

Whether you know it or not, your company provides the means to live the modern American Dream which is less “a chicken in every pot” and more “a pool in every backyard” — and that’s exactly what the new buyer mentality wants.

As mentioned above, this persona is someone who has worked hard for their success. They’ve gotten where they are by making smart, careful decisions, and they are not going start blowing that money recklessly or impulsively now.

These people are not shopping for a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini. Not that there’s anything wrong with those brands, but that’s just not where this buyer’s head is. This buyer is much more likely to buy a Lexus or a Mercedes—something that, to him, speaks of quality, integrity, and great value for his money. He might indulge himself in some well deserved luxury, but he is going to be smart, careful, and thoughtful about it.

This buyer is going to spend a good deal of time researching the best options, from products to vendors, for turning the dream in his mind’s eye into a reality, especially for larger purchases, like a pool or an outdoor kitchen. You’ll never be able to reach him if you’re not there when he begins the research process.

This means that content marketing for the businesses within this industry is vital. You must be providing the material that answers all this buyer’s questions from the very beginning of his search, which is probably something like, “What kind of pool do I need?”

You want to be providing him with the information he needs to choose a type of pool, what kind of special features are going to enhance his experience with his pool, what brands offer the best value for his money (why do you use the brands you do?), and then you want to convince him that choosing your company to build his pool is going to offer him the best, most pain-free experience… and that you can truly bring his vision to life.

Learn How Buyer Personas Can Make or Break Your Business

While we've explained some of the nuances of a luxury buyer above, we've only scratched the surface. Your content needs to speak the same language as your potential customers, and creating carefully researched buyer personas profiles is the key to learning that language.

For example: if you're a pool builder, who is looking to purchase a pool? Who are your typical buyers? Are they:

  • Parents with young children for whom a pool means quality family time?
  • Empty nesters for whom a pool means spoiling their grandchildren?
  • Middle-aged people for whom a pool means a relaxing atmosphere for entertaining adult friends?

Are there other categories that your buyers fall into? Why do they want a pool? What does their dream experience in their pool look like? What are their primary objections to building a pool? What concerns do you need to alleviate for them: Cost of upkeep? Safety? Thorough understanding of finished product or final bill? Level of inconvenience during the building process?

Whether your product is a pool or another lifestyle luxury, the above questions can help get your mind working through what information you need to be providing your personas to help their research process. You probably already know many of the questions you generally get asked. Take the time to sit down and compile them all... and then provide those answers on your site! Free information is valuable for brand awareness, trust-building, and SEO!

If you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of creating personas for each type of buyer, Waypost is here to help. Our FREE "Buyer Personas" presentation will walk you through the process of researching, creating, and using buyer personas to accelerate your marketing efforts. Help yourself to our free presentation on Buyer Personas today.

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