B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Work


When your growth and success depends on building relationships and closing deals with other businesses rather than individual consumers, it's easy to struggle with our increasingly-connected and personal digital marketplace. 

It's easy enough to generate leads at random, but managing to ensure that all or even most of those leads are qualified and worth pursuing? That's a much tougher goal.

Luckily, there are a few tried-and-true B2B lead generation strategies that you can rely on. 

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5 Digital Marketing Best Practices for Law Firms


Few industries are as heavily-regulated when it comes to their words and actions online as law offices and law firms. Many lawyers hesitate to do anything online beyond a basic website and the occasional Facebook post, worried that being too active, casual, or even just too interesting could lead them to be subject to review or even potential punishment.

There are tons of opportunities out there attorneys to find new clients by utilizing Inbound Marketing! It just takes a bit of finesse and a lot of strategy.

We have 5 digital marketing best practices for law firms to help you get started. 

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What is a Website Visitor Worth?


Recently, a meeting with a prospective client led to an interesting conversion about the value of a web design and a website.

What is a website visitor worth? What is the value of a website visitor and lead? We took a look at the numbers and came up with some pretty interesting answers to the question. 

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With Web Design and Marketing Services, You Get What You Pay For


Let's say your company is looking for a new web design and digital marketing agency. You put out a request for proposals, and a few agencies respond back with their strategies and pricing. The strategies all look comparable, but pricing is all over the map—"Company 1" quoted the website at $3,000, their marketing services were only $800 dollars a month, and you can cancel at any time; meanwhile, "Company 2" priced the new site at $8,000 and went on to ask for a 12 month commitment for marketing activities that ran an additional $4,000 thousand dollars per month.

If both companies are offering roughly the same services (for the sake of this scenario, let's say both companies quoted you for blogging, social media, landing page creation, and email newsletters), why not go for the cheaper one? After all, if Company 2 can do it for that price, why can't Company 1?

Clearly they're just trying to price gouge you, right?

Not so much. As with virtually everything in life, you get what you pay for.

Let me show you what I mean:

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5 Bad Habits Your SEO Company Is Hiding From You


Digital marketing is always changing, rapidly adapting to shifting consumer trends and access to new technologies. This makes it exceptionally easy for those with... well, let's just call it less-than-altruistic intent to try to hop in and make a few bucks without actually providing any lasting value for business owners like you.

Wondering if there are any signs your SEO company is a scam that you should watch out for? There absolutely are, and we've put together a list of bad habits your SEO company might be hiding.

Protect yourself—and your business—by knowing what to look for.

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Facebook's Privacy Blunders are going to Affect Your Business


In March 2018, the world learned that the private data of over 50 million Facebook users was secretly harvested by Cambridge Analytica and used on behalf of the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election. (We've since learned it was closer to 87 million users whose data was compromised.) For some, these revelations didn't come as a shock — Facebook, after all, is a business built around personal data collection — but for many, these revelations prompted a profound awakening. First, to the fact that Facebook and other social media platforms are collecting more data than we realize. Second, to the fact that Facebook isn't necessarily keeping that data a secret. And third, to the fact that our data may seem inconsequential, but can be used to do extraordinary things — like choose the next president (whether we vote for that candidate or not).

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We're Achieving Strong Ratings and Reviews on Clutch.co!


From time to time we like to talk about the products and services we use and the partnerships we maintain—Our Great HubSpot Experiment (Part 1 and Part 2), Tools of the Trade: Our Favorite Marketing, Productivity, and Organization Apps, and Why Work with a Certified Google Partner? for example. Well, the time has come for another one of those articles because we’ve recently joined Clutch.co: a ratings and reviews agency located in D.C.

For each firm on the site there is an intensive research process which takes into consideration over a dozen unique factors. Chief among these factors are Clutch’s direct conversations with our valued clients. In interview-style phone calls, clients delve into the services offered, results of our engagement, and our firm's project management skills.

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VIDEO: Does Marketing Automation Work For Luxury Brands?


Previously, we looked at the importance of building Buyer Personas in luxury brand marketing. Buyer Personas set a solid foundation for your content marketing strategy by taking into account two of the biggest differences between the Luxury Living Buyer and other niche markets: a longer time needed for consideration and research, and a mindset that prioritizes value over price.

When your business depends on luxury buyers, you can't just sit back and wait for their money to come to you. The mission of your marketing team is to prove the value behind your pricing structure, using proven content marketing strategies that meet your prospective customers right where they are. 

These strategies often involve some serious time investment, and one cost-effective solution to that problem is marketing automation. How can using automation help you reach a buyer who is searching for very specific answers to their important questions?

Let's start with a (very) short video.

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VIDEO: Buyer Personas And How to Sell Expensive Products


Most of the information you'll find online about Buyer Personas, Inbound Marketing techniques, and digital marketing strategy seems to focus primarily either on B2C industries like retail shopping and restaurants, or it's geared towards high-level B2B marketing like IT support for corporations.

There's one set of industry categories being totally left out in the cold: Inbound Marketing for luxury products.

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How To Make A Video In Less Than Two Hours (#cultureofvideo)


I recently presented for a local group of marketers on the topic of video marketing. After the talk, I asked the question, "Besides cost, what is the biggest factor keeping you from regularly producing videos?"

The unanimous answer was this: "Making videos takes too much time, and the process is too disruptive."

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