Do Digital Marketers Still Use Yelp?


There was once a time where every business wanted to ensure they had a listing on Yelp, and the website was considered an essential part of a strategy for getting your business noticed by the public.

Lately it feels like enthusiasm for the site has fallen by the wayside.

Do digital marketers still use Yelp for their clients? Is buying advertising on Yelp really worth the cost? 

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Posted by Katherine Faulk on September 7, 2017 in Digital Marketing | 0 Comments

Content Marketing for B2B Companies: What to Do When Your Client's Business Seems Boring


One of the unique challenges of content marketing for B2B companies is figuring out how to put together exciting digital marketing content on behalf of a client whose business maybe doesn't excite you.

Whether you're a digital marketer working within a large agency or you're a freelancer striking out on your own, you may be wondering, How can I market effectively on behalf of a client when thinking about their business feels like watching paint dry?

I'm going to stop you right there, marketing friend. There is no such thing as a boring client! It's all about your attitude and whether or not you're willing to put in the time and effort necessary to develop the enthusiasm you're currently lacking.

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3 Tips for Local Marketing When You're Not Exactly Local


If you work for an Inbound Marketing agency or do freelance work in digital marketing, you probably don't only work with clients in a single zip code, right?

When you maintain a client base that includes businesses located throughout the country like we do, it's essential to put the work in to be an expert in everything. That doesn't mean just knowing where to use industry words and terminology, but also how to sound like you're right on site with the client, crafting this exceptional content out of their office.

Otherwise, everything you write will seem stilted and unnatural, and it can undermine your client's position of authority in the minds of their potential leads.

We have three tips on how to ace local marketing, even when you're so far away... (cue the Carole King — it's that kind of day.)

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Introduction to Facebook Lead Ads


It seems like we haven't gone a day in the last month or so without being asked about Facebook Lead Ads.

With so much buzz surrounding this new paid advertising tactic, we thought we'd take this opportunity to explain what Facebook Lead Ads are, how they work, and why they're beneficial for both the advertiser and the consumer!

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Download your Free Social Media Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses! [Infographic]


Marketing is already complicated, but it can be especially complex when you're a small business owner just getting started.

For example, it seems like every single day there's a new place online where you absolutely have to be to market your business, and it can be a huge time investment to try to keep up with standard and emerging social media platforms!

But we're here to tell you the truth: you don't need to be on every single social media platform to market your small business. 

So if that's true, how can you know which social media platforms are right for youDownload our Social Media Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses! It's free, and all you need to do is click the banner below. 

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Don't Give Up on SEO!  Search Engine Optimization is STILL Essential


As search engines continue to change up their algorithms, we see multiple articles declaring "SEO is dead" and advising you stop investing in this method of optimizing your site for search engine results.

So, if algorithms are now more about the quality of content, and everyone seems to be declaring that nobody cares about keywords anymore, is search engine optimization even still important? 


Search engine optimization is still integral to businesses looking to make their way to the top of Google results, and here's why:

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What Keeps Us Motivated? The Waypost Guide to Music (And More)


Working in marketing can be intense. When deadlines are looming and you have approximately eleventeen million projects to finish ASAP, you need some serious motivation to get in the zone and check every single item on your to-do list.

We've looked at our favorite restaurants and coffeeshops in Greenville, SC, and today we're going to get a little more personal — what kind of music do we use to really get motivated on the days when it's essential to get the job done?

Take a look:

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How Employee Spotlights Help Client Engagement


Have you seen our Waypost Spotlights on Instagram and other social accounts? We choose a member of our Waypost team, ask them a few questions, and help our clients (and our marketing community) get to know them a bit better.

Have you ever wondered why we do our Waypost Spotlight, and support similar efforts on behalf of our clients? It's not just because it's fun—although it is pretty entertaining. It also helps us with prospects and clients!

Let's take a look at how Employee Spotlights help client engagement.

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What is Brand Development and Why Do I Need It?


What is Brand Development?

Developing your brand is a huge part of building your content marketing strategy, especially if your company is just getting started or you're having trouble turning website traffic into qualified leads.

While getting started on your company blog and developing your social presence online using different social media platforms, you'll likely be told by your marketing department (or an outsourced marketing agency, if you're using one) that you need to 'develop your brand' before your marketing plan is truly complete.

During project discovery, whether or not you have a specific 'brand' already will be a part of the conversation. While many businesses do take this step right from the beginning, just as often we find that our clients aren't quite sure who exactly they're hoping to attract, and so they're not sure what sort of voice to utilize.

Brand development—creating a consistent and compelling voice, style, and overall presence that you utilize throughout all your marketing efforts—can be the difference between success and falling short of your goals.

How can you develop a company brand that creates a positive association with your business in the minds of your potential clients or customers?

We have a few tips.

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5 Tips For Blogging in Professional Industries


Blogging can seem pretty straight forward for a business. Once you've taken our advice on starting a company blog and how to utilize blog content to pull in prospective leads, you just... get going, right?

Well, yes and no.

While some businesses may have a fairly easy time deciding on their content ideas, organizations in more regulated industries may be concerned on how to translate complicated rules around industry advertising into a successful blog and social media presence.

We've worked with some clients who have had to operate within very stringent legal regulations, and others who faced potential liability issues surrounding certain topics. This has helped us learn how to maintain a successful and professional online presence on behalf of our clients.

Today, I'd like to help you with five quick tips to help you succeed at blogging in professional industries—whether you're writing on behalf of a law firm, within the healthcare industry, working for a company that deals with financials or tax preparation, or other industries with similar complexities.

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