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digital_marketing_strategy_greenville_scIs trying to maintain your marketing plan like trying to drink from a firehose? Many companies we talk with have either an in-house Marketing Manager or a Marketing Admin. These Marketing people are usually responsible for the company's overall marketing and brand strategy, both online and offline.  In most cases, they are doing bits and pieces with internet marketing, but they really aren't able to pull together the integrated, comprehensive solution that the business needs. Just imagine, though, what your business could do if you had a whole team of these people! 

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Why You Need A Marketing Department

Before you scoff and say, "I can't afford that!", let's talk a little bit about what you are not getting for your marketing dollars. We often get contacted by Marketing Managers who find themselves in over their heads trying to handle all of the marketing activities for a company single-handedly. When I ask why they need help, the most common responses are: 

  • "What we're currently doing is fragmented"
  • "We're not really sure what we should be doing"
  • "We don't have the time or resources to do everything"
  • "There is just so much to keep up with!"

All of these are valid concerns. Technology is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, making it difficult to keep up. This is difficult even for us — sometimes it feels like we're drinking from a fire hose. 

Our approach to managing it is for every team member to be a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in at least one area. We're all generalists on all things digital, but we rely on our SME's to keep us up to speed on important changes. For the in-house Marketing Manager, this can be an impossible task when they're going it alone. 

Is there really that much to it?

Here's a short list of things you need to stay on top of if you're engaged in digital marketing.

And there is so much more.

One option for companies is to hire several marketing specialists, i.e. a Social Media Specialist, an SEO, a Webmaster, etc. In some cases, this approach is fine. It really depends on how engaged you want to be in digital marketing and whether or not you want to dedicate resources to an area that may not be a core part of your business.  Personally, I'd rather pay staff to do the work that our business does, so we outsource things like accounting, payroll, and IT support to companies that specialize in those areas. The same concept applies to inbound marketing — it's what we do for clients, and we also do it for ourselves.

Hiring a team of  talented digital marketing professionals can be an expensive proposition.  The cost for two skilled professionals could easily exceed $120,000 per year, or $10,000 per month. And for that investment, you can probably be really good in a few areas — but not all things. Your solutions won't be comprehensive and integrated. However, another option worth considering is outsourcing the bulk of your internet marketing

Buy A Whole Marketing Team

Think of it this way: For $5-10k per month, you could buy an entire digital marketing team with many experts in many different areas. This team can also work directly with your Marketing Manager or Director, if desired. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Peace of Mind. No more worrying about not knowing what you don't know or being overwhelmed by all the pieces you're trying to keep track of.
  • Get Ahead & Stay Ahead. An experienced team of inbound marketers can get you ahead of the competition and keep you there. 
  • Cost Savings. Buy an entire Marketing Department for about the same cost as hiring 1 highly skilled marketing specialist. 
  • Increase Productivity. If you have an in-house person, let them focus on strategy and new opportunities instead of spending time trying to keep with everything going on in the internet marketing universe plus doing all the nitty-gritty pieces themselves. 
  • Improve Your Results! Most importantly, a competent inbound marketing agency should be able to generate a strong, measurable ROI that directly impacts your top line. 

Outsourcing marketing isn’t going to be the answer for every company. In my experience, a shared approach works best. A company employee is generally going to know the company best and they have real skin in the game. It's also likely they're going to be passionate about the company's product or service, and they're more apt to look for additional ways to expand the brand or marketing efforts while the "Marketing Department" takes care of the details.  

Give us a call at (864) 288-6162 if you're interested and think "buying a marketing department" might be a good option for you!

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Posted by Doug Fowler on October 15, 2015 in Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing | 0 Comments