The 3 Worst Mistakes Marketing Agencies Make

Mistakes Marketing Agencies Make

Inbound Marketing is amazing — it forces you to constantly adapt to changing consumer behavior while still standing on the foundation of the timeless Buyer's Journey. There are nonstop opportunities to stretch your creative muscles and research skills!

Unfortunately, many digital marketing agencies stumble in a few key areas and find themselves totally overwhelmed and falling apart. We've put together a short list of three mistakes marketing agencies make and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Giving All Their Expertise Away

If you're good at your job, people are going to want you to do it for free. Lawyers get asked "Can I sue my buddy who..." and doctors find themselves begging off having to hear a list of weird symptoms from Aunt Edna at the family reunion.

One of our mottos here at Waypost is #NoFreeConsulting, and for good reason.

Once your agency has a reputation for giving your skills away for free, you'll have a hard time convincing anyone to pay a fair price for it later on.

Agencies that fall into this trap end up devalued, feeling unable to charge what they're truly worth. This can lead to sluggish growth and an inability to afford new technology or programs to provide better services to their clients.

#NoFreeConsulting. Write it on your hand if you have to.

The next person who asks, "Can I pick your brain for a few minutes?"

Tell them, "Sure! I'd love to help..." and then let them know what your hourly consulting rate is.

Your time is valuable. So give it a value.

Mistake #2: Building the Perfect Snowman While Ignoring the Avalanche

If you advertise multiple services, you can't spend all your time being excellent at one single thing while letting everything else fall to the wayside. Sure, maybe you write great blogs, but if you fail at SEO or social media no one's ever going to see them. Being able to expertly craft website copy won't do you much good if your website design skills are so lacking that people can't stand to use the sites you build.

Planning for that big campaign on behalf of a client? It may feel like it needs all the time you have and then some, but if regular client work gets overlooked, you'll end up in trouble.

Not only will you likely see a drop in results when you're less engaged in marketing for your client, but said client is also probably going to have a lot of questions, too. 

Utilize the differing skill sets of everyone in your agency. Maybe one team member is best at paid ad creation, like Facebook Lead Ads or Google Ad Words, while another knows exactly how to word a sponsored Instagram post to get ideal engagement rates.

Share skills and what you've learned with each other. You'll all be better for it.

Mistake #3: Chasing Growth Without a Plan

In the end, isn't growth the goal of every successful business on Earth?

Providing a greater amount of services to more clients helps you bring in more money to pay all those employees who keep spending all their paychecks on goofy coffee mug decor for the office. But providing more services also allows you to grow your agency, too, as more money means the ability to add more employees to help take on the uptick in manpower needed to handle all these happy clients who love having the best marketing team on Earth.

Unfortunately, if you see rapid growth in either clients or your team without a plan in place to handle that growth efficiently, you'll end up with "growing pains" at best or up to your necks in quicksand at worst.

Do the research! Take a look at other companies that have seen rapid growth in either amount of clients or employees (or both) and how they handled it.

Don't just read about the companies that made it, either. Make sure you look up companies that fell apart when they grew too fast so you can learn from their mistakes.

Most importantly, work with marketing automation services that can scale alongside your agency and your clients. This will ensure that your excellent marketing services are never interrupted while you're scrambling to find a new program to suit your quickly expanding list of needs.

That's why we work with Hubspot.

We're Hubspot Partners precisely because Hubspot is designed to work just as well for larger companies as it does for small businesses, providing comprehensive services across the board for social media marketing, emails, blogs, and more. 

When you choose marketing automation services that are already designed to scale for successful clients, you're planning for the growth you and your agency deserve.

Searching for Hubspot Partners in South Carolina?

Well, you found us! Waypost Marketing is one of a very few Hubspot Partners in the Palmetto State, and we're proud to utilize its excellent features to help our clients pull in qualified leads and potential prospects to help their businesses soar. 

Learn more about our Inbound Marketing services and how we utilize Hubspot for client success by giving us a call at (864) 288-6162 or contacting us online at any time.

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