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The Importance of Having a Clean Business Website

By Larisa Aslanyan
September 29, 2016 - read

Minimalistic website design in Asheville NC

Your business is an ever-evolving organism and so is the web: this is what you have to keep in mind when it comes to your company website and it's marketing. The online web grows, your business also grows and guess what? Your website should also be able to grow with it, riding the approaching current rather than drowning in it.

As a business, you do know the importance of having a website (do you?): very few businesses can actually survive without this virtual representation, but while having a website is important, eliminating the web waste hiding behind your beautiful interface and having it clean & tidy is even more crucial. A website can't survive on it's own; it's going to be a part of a much larger marketing strategy. So, let’s make sure it's built on 3 very important concepts:

Clean design

We’re slowly drifting towards 2017, which takes us closer and closer to the age of simplicity & minimalism. People don’t want to see your website crowded with "stuff." A simplistic approach to your website design makes it look stylish and sleek, avoiding the endless navigation to an end point – a bugbear your business could definitely do without. So what are the points that make your website design clean?

  • Focus on the essentials

Keep things short and to the point, limiting the number of visual elements, links and menu items. In for some drop-down menus? You’d better forget it altogether unless you have a complex site structure that demands it!

  • Limit the Color Scheme

Colors are lovely! But you should limit their use to only three, applying shades where necessary. And you get the background color as a bonus, isn’t it amazing?

  • Design every page as a landing page

Right! If you're regularly producing great content, then many of your website visitors will initially enter your site on an inner page, not your Home page. In many cases, they never see your Home page. But, that's okay. You want to give them the information they're looking for and make the experience easy for them. So make sure all your pages are presentable landing pages.

Availability and Accessibility

This one is very critical: if people try to access your website and it doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly, you are losing potential clients, no matter what your reasons are, a 404 error page is not a good destination. 

  • Responsiveness

Make sure your website can handle different screen sizes with grace, and it should load quickly in case of slow connections.

  • Broken links

Check and remove all dead links from your site.  Nothing ruins a good experience faster than a 404 page. Just one of these pages concealed in key content, and the whole system is in mayhem!

  • Server uptime

Make sure your website visitors don’t get an error message trying to load your site. If issues are present, consider investing in a good hosting service.


Clarity is the core of usability, and the latter builds the picture of what experience users have with your website. Remember your visitors are there for a purpose, so help them hit it quick! Follow a couple of simple steps:

  • Simplicity

Focus on what’s important. This means you don’t need to list every single thing your business can do. Keep it short, to your main, best selling feature. No one (and we mean it) has the time to read through that 800 word description of your team and the “tools of the trade” you use. If interested, a client can always request more information directly from you. 

  • Information architecture

All of your website visitors have mental models of information structuring, the way they would expect you to structure the content on your site. Don’t be ashamed to research competitors’ websites and industry leaders, and structure your website accordingly.

  • Consistency

We know getting cute is a temptation but don’t overdo it. Remember you don’t have all the time in the world to “entertain” your visitors, so keep things consistent and helpful.  

If you've already found a few mistakes on your website, don’t hesitate and dive into it right now. In the end, this effort can help you be the top online game player for your industry, something all businesses crave so much! If you don't even know whether your website is doing the job or not, get in touch and let's talk about it. 

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