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The Power of Permission-Based Email Marketing

By Doug Fowler
October 15, 2014 - read

Permission _marketing is the next best thing by Waypost Marketing Greenville SCAmidst the furious growth of the technology that we use in our everyday lives, a common complaint is that all the gadgetry is decreasing the amount of face-to-face human contact (and thus ruining, or places less importance on, personal relationships). But what about the parents who can now video-chat with their sons and daughters who have moved across the country - or even across the ocean - to attend school? Or how about our ability to keep in regular contact with friends and family who live in different parts of the word? It’s also now much easier to find and get in touch with old friends through email and social networks.

The effect of advancements in personal communication methods and devices is merely a matter of perspective. Sure, the way email is sometimes favored over a face-to-face conversation to save the 10 minutes it’d take to walk to a different floor of the office is an example of depersonalization. But using Google Hangouts to hold a meeting with people from London, New York and Los Angeles offices adds a level of personalization that was previously impossible.

Technology and communication both play a huge role in marketing, but the truth is, up until a decade ago, most marketing messages consisted of companies speaking at consumers about their products and services. It was disruptive, pushy, and impersonal in every way. So despite appearances and arguments to the contrary, tactics like social media and email marketing, coupled with the new notion of engaging with customers, are actually shifting marketing in a much more personal direction.

The Age of the Inbox & Effectiveness of Email Marketing - 5 Ways to Generate A List of Contacts

Most businesses depend on two critical aspects to thrive: lead generation and customer retention. Without customers, your business can’t operate, but nor can you survive if you don’t keep your current customers happy and willing to give you recurring revenue and referrals. Fortunately, email marketing can help with both you lead generation and customer retention efforts, which is why it’s an effective tactic for businesses of all industries.

If you’re convinced, you’re probably wondering how and where to start with email marketing. Since you can’t engage with anybody until you have a list of contacts, you need to start by building up an email database.

Here are five ways you can begin to generate a list of email contacts:
  1. Ask for it: ask and you shall receive! You won’t be able to engage without any email addresses, but you’d be surprised by how easily people will give theirs up if you just ask for it. Whether in a physical store or on a website, people are accustomed to being asked for their email address, so don’t worry about scaring anybody away.
  2. Remind them to subscribe: sometimes people need a little extra encouragement, so don’t be shy to put buttons calling for users to subscribe to your communications everywhere you can. On your homepage, in your blog posts, on social media feeds, in your email signature and even on your contact us page. The more you ask, the better chance they’ll convert.
  3. Provide incentive: if you’re having trouble generating a list of email addresses, consider adding some incentive for those who give you their information. Offering promotions, discounts, or valuable information via a whitepaper or webinar in exchange for email addresses will be more successful.
  4. Run a contest: similarly to providing incentive, you could also run a contest and raffle off a product, service, or just a popular item like an iPad. All you need to do is have people submit ballots that include their email address - if your prize is good enough, you’re sure to generate a decent list of contacts.
  5. Friend referral: once you do start sending out communications, a great way to grow your database is to get subscribers to ‘Forward to a Friend.’ Put a ‘Forward to a Friend’ link in all of your newsletters and drive subscribers to a page where they can type in their friends’ information and you’ll instantly add to your list of contacts!

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