Here for the Food: The Waypost Guide to Great Coffee in Greenville, SC

Find Great Coffee in Greenville, SC

We might be in the office during regular business hours, but Inbound Marketing doesn't exactly ONLY happen between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Sometimes our day can run until way after the sun goes down, and sometimes we get started working on our clients' social media and upcoming blogs before the sun ever comes up!

One thing that remains constant — the caffeine we rely on to get us through the day.

I surveyed the Waypost team to get a look at their favorite spots to grab coffee in Greenville, SC (or their current home city!) and what drink they love most to get the energy they need to crush today's to-do list.

Doug Fowler, President: I'm not really a coffee snob. It's more about convenience. I prefer medium to dark roasts and drink it black as everyone should.

Erin Durham, Vice President: I almost always bring my coffee from home... although I have been known to slip out to Starbucks on an afternoon for a soy Frappucino!

Sam Gerdt, Creative Director: Going to a shop just to order a coffee would be a complete waste of time in my book. That being said, I have at times had opportunity to sample a few local coffee shops. From a coffee point of view, they are all equally good, but the standout on all other counts is Tandem in TR. I really like crepes and yellow is my favorite color. (Editor's Note: I learned something about Sam today.) At home, we buy our beans from Ben's Beans in Putnam, CT — my wife's home town. I like how they source their beans and give back to charities that directly affect those regions.

Matt Cleveland, Technical Director: (Editor's Note: Matt, who currently resides in the Northeast, chose to answer my question by sending the following video:)


Michelle Phillips, Inbound Marketing Strategist: Unlike last time where I literally COULD NOT make up my mind, this time I have a concrete answer: Methodical Coffee Downtown Greenville in the ONE Plaza. Good Lord their coffee is not just "good" or "great," it sets the standard for what all coffee should be. Their espresso is strong enough to curl your hair, they have tons of other goodies to enjoy with your beverage, they have handcrafted sodas and teas for those that don't like coffee (I hear that there are people like that that actually exist), and when Will—the owner—asks you how your day is going, it is so sincere and authentic you'll feel like the most important person in the world. If you want to truly understand how their coffee makes me feel, here's a clip.

Katie Faulk, Content Manager: I have three favorite places to grab coffee, depending on where we are in town that day, what kind of mood I'm in, whether Mercury is in retrograde, and about fourteen other variables, none of which make enough sense to elaborate on here.

  • At the top of the list is Coffee Underground. They've been a downtown Greenville mainstay for decades, and for good reason. Whether I stop in for a basic drip coffee on my way to work or I meet my friend Liz for the froofiest lattes we can devise, Coffee Underground always knocks it out of the park.
  • My second choice is new to downtown Greenville, Caviar & Bananas. I've been known to stop by there on my way to work. Their coffees are excellent and their customer service is top-notch, especially early in the morning when I'm too tired to use human language and all I can say is, "Please put caffeine in this," while handing them my travel cup from home.
  • My third choice is for when we want to stick a little closer to home. We live in northern Greenville and love to run up to Tandem to share one of their savory crepes and then take our coffees to go while we head out for a walk on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Danielle McKelley, Senior Inbound Marketing Producer: I'm not very big on drinking hot drinks or really coffee at all, but if I do have an occasional coffee, it's an iced coffee from Starbucks with soy milk.

Emily Park, Senior Inbound Marketing Producer: I do a lot of writing in coffee shops, so you’ll often find me in both big chains and local spots like Due South and Stomping Grounds. As long as there’s a bold roast and a comfy place to work, I’m happy! At home, coffee is a different story. My fiancé Mike and I are getting ready to combine households and we counted eight coffee-making devices between us. (Anyone want a French press? We’ve got three!) Mike’s favorite method for making coffee is via the Chemex, a pour-over method involving something like a laboratory beaker. He’s very precise about the whole process (hand-folding the filter, measuring out the freshly ground beans, heating the water to just the right temperature) and the coffee tastes fantastic every time. Science for the win!

Heidi Willard, Inbound Marketing Producer: Since I'm a committed black coffee drinker, I will pretty much go anywhere... because everybody has coffee! With that said, my favorite coffee place is based solely on atmosphere. And the winner is... Caviar & Bananas! They have a great patio area downtown. They also have excellent pastries. Who doesn't like a little sweet with their coffee?

Larisa Aslanyan, Demand Generation Analyst: I almost never order coffee from coffee shops. There is just something special about making your own coffee or watching how the process unfolds before you. So, my favorite coffee place at the moment is the kitchen of Impact Hub Yerevan, where once or twice a day, I watch how my friend makes incredible French press coffee. And while the coffee is brewing, she manually whips milk for about 5-10 minutes. After that, she pours the coffee into a glass cup and adds the warm fluffy whipped milk on top. She adds a couple abstract design touches and hands it over to me to start enjoying. Somehow, participating in the process of coffee-making makes every cup a tiny bit special for me.

Gabrielle Brayton, Production Designer: Coffee is a delicate thing for me. It has to be full of flavor and dark as can be (I will turn my back on watered-down, weak coffee). That being said, I have tried many coffee places around the Greenville area, and one place still stands out to me for their delicious coffee. Tandem. That's right! I couldn't care less about crepes (sorry to all the crepe lovers! I'm just not a fan). Sit me down with a latte at Tandem and I am in literal Heaven. The atmosphere of sitting out on the porch with those yellow mugs warming up your hands and sipping liquid gold is the best feeling in the world.

It seems like Caviar & Bananas and Tandem up in Travelers Rest received the lion's share of our votes in this coffee survey.

Keep an eye out for future posts on our personal Greenville recommendations, and let us know if there's any particular type of restaurant or store you're searching for... we love trying out new places in Greenville, so we've probably got a suggestion for you!

In June, we'll be taking a look at something a little different — what music keeps our energy up and helps us stay hard at work! Is it blues, classic rock, Lady Gaga on repeat for literally twelve hours a day? You'll have to wait and see to find out!

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