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You’re Missing the Point! Video Marketing is a NECESSITY


Think about your social media feeds for a second. Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other social channel, chances are you’re seeing fewer text posts and photos and a whole lot more videos. Social media now overflows with all kinds of videos shared by friends, family, and even your favorite brands.

The rise of video simply cannot be ignored when it comes to content marketing; some marketers even claim that without video marketing, your business is likely to lose against your video-producing competition. But if you have no videos on your YouTube channel while your competitors seem like they're publishing videos constantly, it can seem like you're already too late to start—but that's where you're wrong!

If you want to live up to the modern video marketing standard that guarantees exposure and ROI, all you need to do is 1) start and 2) follow these 3 important points to make sure you're using video the right way:

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on January 19, 2017 in Content Marketing | 0 Comments

What Does "Content Marketing" Really Mean?


We do content marketing, and now you're probably thinking we write a "Pride & Prejudice" every single day. And while one "Pride & Prejudice" is nice to have, too many of those is definitely a bad idea (all the women out there, you know what I'm talking about). Jokes aside, you don't want to spend resources and energy creating THAT MUCH content; it's boring and we all have a limit of how much text we are willing to read every day. But does it mean that content marketing is boring and interests only sad librarians? Yeah .... no, not at all. 

Sorry to let you down, I am no Jane Austen and content is not just text. So, when you hear from us that you should be producing more content, here's what we mean. 

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on November 16, 2016 in Content Marketing | 0 Comments

4 Digital Marketing Tactics for IT Companies


Despite all the incredible innovations that the tech industry brings to us, B2B IT companies often have quite a hard time spotting the digital marketing tactics that actually work for them, unlike their B2C colleagues. 

So, before you mistakenly use a range of B2C marketing tactics and scare off a dozen potential clients with your "Snapchat creativity," let’s look at some of the best practices that will make your tech company’s digital marketing efforts work better ... much better!

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on September 6, 2016 in Content Marketing | 0 Comments

4 Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017


Let's play pretend for a moment: pretend you're starring in a Broadway play and that your spectators will applaud if you give them a worthwhile show. This scenario isn't too different from reality if you think of your content as your business' performance and your buyer personas as your audience who buy your products or services rather than give you a standing ovation.

Today, thanks to the availability of numerous high quality “performances” (and that's your competition's content), it is difficult to truly wow the audience; they are now immune to cliché marketing. So, if you don’t take action and provide an interesting plot, your audience is going to walk out and buy tickets to a different play. To give you a hand in crafting content that resonates with your audience and that they truly enjoy, here are the 4 content marketing trends that will keep you on top 2017:

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on August 3, 2016 in Content Marketing | 0 Comments

What Google Really Thinks about Your Content Strategy


At this point, everyone who has some kind of online presence and engages in SEO copywriting should know not to treat Google as "just" a machine, but as a leader in its field and a near-essential for businesses looking to grow their customer base.

As a website owner (regardless of the niche), your main method of interacting with Google is by content. No wonder why 76% of B2B marketers say they will produce more content in 2016! They know that this is the best way to get Google's attention.

But really, don’t you want to know what is the best way of flattering Google with content? The answer is - you need to flatter your readers with high quality content, and if you do that, Google will approve. 

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on May 13, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Local Search | 0 Comments

Writing for Inbound Marketing


Writing for inbound marketing isn't like any other kind of writing you've probably ever done. While it requires a solid foundation of the basic writing skills you picked up in your education, it combines a host of other writing styles and requires you to be able to seamlessly incorporate:

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Posted by Erin Durham on January 25, 2016 in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging | 0 Comments

No Lights. No Camera. Just Action.


We have talked about and showed you the importance of being there for consumers in the Zero Moment of Truth, but what's next? You put a lot of time and effort into crafting your content and perfecting your SEO so it can easily be found, but how do you get your potential customers to take the next step and become paying customers? It's easy — you tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do. Every piece of content you produce should include a call to action (CTA) that tells the consumer what it is they need to do next.

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Posted by Michelle Phillips on December 9, 2015 in Content Marketing | 0 Comments

3 Things Everyone Says About Blogging — And Why They're Totally Wrong


Blogging is often overlooked. With all the buzz and flash of new social media platforms popping up seemingly every day, it's easy to forget about this basic part of your inbound marketing foundation. Unfortunately, blogging is an aspect of content marketing that doesn't come naturally, or easily, to everyone. A business owner or employee who doesn't enjoy writing or feels uncomfortable building their blog presence may feel like regular blogging is more difficult than useful. Not true! There are many common myths and misconceptions that have cropped up around blogging as a marketing tool. We're here to help you see through those misconceptions and make sure you're utilizing your company's blog to its absolute fullest potential. 

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Posted by Katherine Faulk on September 14, 2015 in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging | 0 Comments

Why Does Inbound Marketing Cost So Much?


So you’ve looked around, you’ve talked to your friends and colleagues who own businesses, and you’ve come to the conclusion that Inbound Marketing — whatever that is — is the way to go. You know that performing well in search engine rankings is important, and you know you need to be doing more with social media… but quite frankly, it’s all a bit overwhelming! You’re not sure where to start, so you call a digital marketing agency like Waypost Marketing and ask some questions… What’s this all about? How do all the pieces fit together? How much can I expect to pay for something like this?

Whoa. You’re hit with sticker shock!

Why should it cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month to have a company write a few blog articles and post a few Tweets for you?

What Am I Getting For My Inbound Marketing Budget?

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Posted by Erin Durham on August 25, 2015 in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing | 0 Comments

Storytelling: Not Just For Children Before Bedtime


People spend the better part of their day staring at some type of electronic device – be it a computer, a tablet, a phone, or even a smart watch. All that time spent on electronic devices means exposure to countless brand messages per day, so it can be hard to really make your message stand out. One great way to try to break through the clutter is to stop trying to sell your products/services and instead tell stories about them that speak to the consumers’ emotions and needs. Now I don’t mean you should start telling tall tales — just be honest and show how your products/services fit into consumers’ lives.

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Posted by Michelle Phillips on July 13, 2015 in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Personas, Storytelling | 0 Comments