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Do I Really Need Digital Marketing if Everyone Knows My Brand?


"If all these people are already specifically searching for my brand and arriving at my online doorstep, do I even need all that digital marketing?"

If you receive a lot of direct traffic or see dozens of brand queries in your Google Analytics, you've probably asked yourself this very question a time or two. It's absolutely a fair question to ask, but the answer isn't as simple as the question, and we'll have to dig into some details to explain everything for you. So, grab your shovel and let's dig:

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Web Analytics: Understanding Referral, Direct, and Email Website Traffic


So you want to increase traffic to your website. Don't we all! Getting traffic is the first step in the conversion process, but what you may not realize is that the type and quality of your traffic can determine if you will have a conversion process at all. This is why it is so important to understand the difference between all of your traffic channels before we can go any further. 

We covered Organic and Social channels in our previous article, so go back and read that if you want to attract customers from search engines and social media networks (go ahead and read that article, we'll wait!). Okay, now we can continue with Referral, Direct and Email channels: 

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Web Analytics: Organic & Social Traffic to Your Website


What is the next best thing to launching a brand new website? Seeing the first sign of new traffic! 

Traffic is the currency of digital marketing (that's where we're from!). You may be counting your success with visits or sessions...  every visitor in your web analytics is worth real money.

Before you ask your digital marketing agency for more traffic, let us get you ready to begin the conversation. Getting the traffic you deserve begins with knowing what kind of traffic your brand needs and how to get it.

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6 Best Practices for Digital Data Handling


This article was originally published on Wolf Technology Group blog.

Data can be considered the life blood of any business. Organizations must adhere to the best practices of digital data handling, especially since many businesses store personal data about their employees and customers. If hackers and scammers gain access to this data, they could try to sell it on the black market.

A report published by Intel Security suggests that 43% of all data breaches are caused by users. By training your users on how to properly handle digital data, your business can become proactive in its fight to defend your customer's personal identifiable information (PII) from prying eyes.

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