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King Content vs. Rapid Metamorphosis


Remember when everyone (Waypost included!) was talking about “responsive design” like we had finally arrived at Web Nirvana? Chalk that one up to old dogs learning new tricks, I suppose, because the reality being revealed is that there is no final destination in sight and this train we’re on is more akin to the Japanese Bullet than your garden variety freight train.

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Posted by Sam Gerdt on May 27, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing | 0 Comments

The Zero Moment of Truth: Selling to the New Buyer Mentality

So, we’ve talked a little about the New Buyer Mentality in our last post, The Neighborhood Website: Authenticity And The New Buyer Mentality. We learned that in the Information Age, buyers are looking for authenticity in the companies they choose to do business with. They are looking for a personal connection, and they have the ability to influence hundreds or even thousands of their closest neighbors through the power of social media. So what does that mean for selling? How do you “sell” to this new buyer mentality? 
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Posted by Erin Durham on May 5, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing | 0 Comments

What is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound marketing is a phrase that has been around a while, but it’s one you may not be familiar with. You’re probably more familiar with phrases like ‘internet marketing’ or ‘digital marketing.’ While there are many similarities, inbound marketing is specifically focused on:

    • Attracting visitors to your site
    • Converting visitors into leads
    • Closing leads into sales
    • And finally, delighting your customers

Inbound marketing is marketing to people that are searching for your product or service online. It involves identifying where a person is in the buying journey and then providing content to help them through the process.

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Posted by Doug Fowler on March 24, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing | 0 Comments

Where Is A Good Place To Buy Backlinks?


So you’ve been digging around in this SEO stuff a little while, and you’ve learned that having backlinks = good search engine rankings. Maybe you’ve even heard that you can buy backlinks — dozens or even hundreds of them — and you’re thinking that if having some backlinks is good, having lots of backlinks must be great! So now, your biggest questions are “where can I buy backlinks?” and “how do I know I’m getting a good deal?”

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Posted by Erin Durham on March 13, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google, Inbound Marketing | 0 Comments

What Is A Good Bounce Rate?


If you get regular reports from your SEO company or you’ve ever looked at your Google Analytics dashboard, you will see a number called “Bounce Rate”. You might be wondering what that means or whether the number you see there is a good number. If you’re paying someone to make sure that your website is performing well, how can you know if they’re doing their job? Can you trust what they tell you about the data you’re seeing?

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Posted by Erin Durham on February 19, 2015 in Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google | 0 Comments

Improve the Conversion and ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns


Landing pages are critical to your internet marketing efforts.

Your landing pages must be optimized to quickly provide visitors with essential information about the products and services you are offering; and what they need to do to get hold of them. Thus, the landing page must answer the following questions:
  • Is the page about the same products or services they were searching for online when they found you?
  • Does it tell them what they need to do NEXT to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, download your whitepaper, or whatever your conversion goal is?
  • Does it include links to other sections of your site that they may want to visit?
  • and...does it do this carefully, without distracting them too much?
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Posted by Doug Fowler on November 4, 2014 in Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design | 0 Comments

3 Simple Fixes to Improve Website Conversion Rates


You already have a website. It's a few years old and conversions are not where you would like them to be, but you can't quite justify a full-scale redesign. It's time to think about a few band-aids - short term fixes to get you through the next year or two while you save up for that nice new website and marketing strategy from your friends here at Waypost. Here are three simple ways to increase your conversions on an existing website.

1. Replace your image rotator with a single call to action.

The data is in and image carousels often have a negative impact on conversion. This is primarily due to visitors not hanging around on your home page long enough to see more than one slide. It's time to focus that valuable home page real estate in three easy steps.
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Posted by Sam Gerdt on October 28, 2014 in Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design | 1 Comment

The Power of Permission-Based Email Marketing


Amidst the furious growth of the technology that we use in our everyday lives, a common complaint is that all the gadgetry is decreasing the amount of face-to-face human contact (and thus ruining, or places less importance on, personal relationships). But what about the parents who can now video-chat with their sons and daughters who have moved across the country - or even across the ocean - to attend school? Or how about our ability to keep in regular contact with friends and family who live in different parts of the word? It’s also now much easier to find and get in touch with old friends through email and social networks.

The effect of advancements in personal communication methods and devices is merely a matter of perspective. Sure, the way email is sometimes favored over a face-to-face conversation to save the 10 minutes it’d take to walk to a different floor of the office is an example of depersonalization. But using Google Hangouts to hold a meeting with people from London, New York and Los Angeles offices adds a level of personalization that was previously impossible.

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Posted by Doug Fowler on October 15, 2014 in Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing | 0 Comments