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What Keeps Us Motivated? The Waypost Guide to Music (And More)


Working in marketing can be intense. When deadlines are looming and you have approximately eleventeen million projects to finish ASAP, you need some serious motivation to get in the zone and check every single item on your to-do list.

We've looked at our favorite restaurants and coffeeshops in Greenville, SC, and today we're going to get a little more personal — what kind of music do we use to really get motivated on the days when it's essential to get the job done?

Take a look:

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Posted by Katherine Faulk on June 29, 2017 in Waypost Life, Life in Greenville, SC | 0 Comments

Here for the Food: The Waypost Guide to Great Coffee in Greenville, SC


We might be in the office during regular business hours, but Inbound Marketing doesn't exactly ONLY happen between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Sometimes our day can run until way after the sun goes down, and sometimes we get started working on our clients' social media and upcoming blogs before the sun ever comes up!

One thing that remains constant — the caffeine we rely on to get us through the day.

I surveyed the Waypost team to get a look at their favorite spots to grab coffee in Greenville, SC (or their current home city!) and what drink they love most to get the energy they need to crush today's to-do list.

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Here for the Food: Our Favorite Restaurants in Greenville, SC


Greenville's been popping up in news and in magazines lately as the latest great place to visit or even to live. It's been pegged as perfect for families, couples, single people, retirees... basically, it's the Mary Poppins of cities — practically perfect in every way.

(Don't sue us, Disney.)

If you've thought about vacationing in our gorgeous city or even coming here to stay, you may be wondering what the best place is to eat! I took some time and asked our Waypost crew to give me their recommendations for their favorite restaurants in Greenville, SC. This is what they had to say:

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Posted by Katherine Faulk on March 2, 2017 in Life in Greenville, SC | 1 Comment