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VIDEO: Does Marketing Automation Work For Luxury Brands?


Previously, we looked at the importance of building Buyer Personas in luxury brand marketing. Buyer Personas set a solid foundation for your content marketing strategy by taking into account two of the biggest differences between the Luxury Living Buyer and other niche markets: a longer time needed for consideration and research, and a mindset that prioritizes value over price.

When your business depends on luxury buyers, you can't just sit back and wait for their money to come to you. The mission of your marketing team is to prove the value behind your pricing structure, using proven content marketing strategies that meet your prospective customers right where they are. 

These strategies often involve some serious time investment, and one cost-effective solution to that problem is marketing automation. How can using automation help you reach a buyer who is searching for very specific answers to their important questions?

Let's start with a (very) short video.

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VIDEO: Marketing to the Luxury Living Industry Part 2—Marketing Automation


Last week we talked about how to get inside the head of the Luxury Buyer by creating Buyer Personas and providing the information that this buyer needs in order to complete their research process. After all, they're going to complete that process whether or not you're involved... so you better be involved!

However, creating Buyer Personas for each segment of your market is a lot of work, and once you get done with that, you still have to create the content, send the emails, post the social messages, and so on—and make all of these tactics come together as part of a cohesive strategy.

Providing research material that speaks to all your potential buyers at all of the various stages of the buyer's journey in all of the platforms that those buyers tend to use… and then keeping yourself top of mind after they’ve initially found you… that’s tons of work. Tons.

If you have a marketing manager who is trying to do all this work in conjunction with your traditional marketing efforts (print, direct mailing, TV, radio, or God forbid—cold calling!), they are overwhelmed. They cannot possibly keep up with it all.

Nor can they keep up with what’s changing. Digital marketing is an incredibly fluid industry, with changes happening as fast as technology evolves. New channels and platforms emerge overnight and become vital pieces of content dissemination before you even realize they exist.

This Is Where Marketing Automation Comes In


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5 Problems A Digital Marketing Automation Tool Can Solve


Remember what it was like being a digital marketing expert some ten years ago? We went to work, switched on the computer, and opened Excel sheets. As funny as it sounds today, this was our primary digital marketing database. The lucky ones had some workflows automated like mass emailing or task management. The rest, however, were burdened with a huge load of manual work.

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3 Marketing Automation Benefits You are Missing


Although marketing automation occupies some of the latest headlines in top marketing publications, this technology has actually been around for a few years now. Despite that, it has not been fully adopted — even by those who have already decided to invest in it. 

According to SiriusDecisions, around 85% of B2B marketers are not using the full potential of their marketing automation platform. If you happen to be one of these marketers, or perhaps a business developer, thinking of ways to leverage automation even more, here are the top 3 marketing automation benefits you should know:

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4 Main Benefits of Using Hubspot: A Client's Perspective


We talk a lot about how using marketing automation and committing to a long-term content strategy generates exceptional results for businesses, but sometimes these businesses may wonder how they can see those results. I believe that Hubspot's marketing automation software should be a daily tool not only for the marketing team, but also for the client. So, here are 4 ways you, as an inbound marketing client, can use the tool we love so much.

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