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What is Brand Development and Why Do I Need It?


What is Brand Development?

Developing your brand is a huge part of building your content marketing strategy, especially if your company is just getting started or you're having trouble turning website traffic into qualified leads.

While getting started on your company blog and developing your social presence online using different social media platforms, you'll likely be told by your marketing department (or an outsourced marketing agency, if you're using one) that you need to 'develop your brand' before your marketing plan is truly complete.

During project discovery, whether or not you have a specific 'brand' already will be a part of the conversation. While many businesses do take this step right from the beginning, just as often we find that our clients aren't quite sure who exactly they're hoping to attract, and so they're not sure what sort of voice to utilize.

Brand development—creating a consistent and compelling voice, style, and overall presence that you utilize throughout all your marketing efforts—can be the difference between success and falling short of your goals.

How can you develop a company brand that creates a positive association with your business in the minds of your potential clients or customers?

We have a few tips.

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Posted by Katherine Faulk on June 8, 2017 in Online Reputation, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing | 0 Comments

Online Reputation Tips: Dealing with Negative Online Reviews


Do you ever conduct the “small search” for your own business online? Let’s confess it, it’s pleasant to see mentions of your company and enjoy a bit more exposure to the world around and excellent online reputation.

But what if one day this search yields results that are, ahem, less than flattering?

Imagine an angry Yelp rant about how horrible your service is appearing on that very first page of Google search results.

Many businesses actually dread this situation. The good news is, bad reviews don’t mean bad business. In fact, even the businesses with the highest quality of services don’t dwell in a magic “5-star-review” world and have their share of online “badmouthing”. The important thing about negative online reputation is how you handle it. For some it may be downright awful, while others may use it as a way to showcase how thoroughly they approach customer reviews and how much they care for each client!

Let’s make sure you belong to the second category by looking at some practical steps for dealing with negative online reputation.

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Top Reputation Management Trends To Watch Out For In 2016


Whether you’ve planned it or not, you already have a reputation.

It’s either positive or negative. If your target cannot find any content (visual and textual) on your brand online, it tells them you’re not important. If they find a negative review on the first page of Google, it tells them you’re not worth their time.

The good news is that it’s up to you to boost your resources and start managing this delicate process. A single mistake, one typo in your brand name, one bad review might make you lose hundreds of leads,  but, thankfully, there are ways to make your reputation shine online.

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Linkedin: Social Media for Professionals


Irrespective of our personal opinion about social media, the fact is, social media is an integral part of the personnel sourcing and job hunting process. Today, more and more companies rely on the Internet to research the candidates they plan to hire. This makes it important to take a strategic approach when it comes to building your online reputation. Effectively leveraged, social media can help you create a strong personal brand and widen your reach across a wide array of job markets, industries, and organizations.

While there are many social media platforms that can help you build your network, there is one that all professionals should definitely consider and keep up to date – LinkedIn. LinkedIn has now become synonymous with job search / hiring. This platform alone can help you build a relevant network, and create and exchange information and ideas to give shape to your personal brand as a professional.

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