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5 Bad Habits Your SEO Company Is Hiding From You


Digital marketing is always changing, rapidly adapting to shifting consumer trends and access to new technologies. This makes it exceptionally easy for those with... well, let's just call it less-than-altruistic intent to try to hop in and make a few bucks without actually providing any lasting value for business owners like you.

Wondering if there are any signs your SEO company is a scam that you should watch out for? There absolutely are, and we've put together a list of bad habits your SEO company might be hiding.

Protect yourself—and your business—by knowing what to look for.

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Posted by Katherine Faulk on April 17, 2018 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments

Don't Give Up on SEO!  Search Engine Optimization is STILL Essential


As search engines continue to change up their algorithms, we see multiple articles declaring "SEO is dead" and advising you stop investing in this method of optimizing your site for search engine results.

So, if algorithms are now more about the quality of content, and everyone seems to be declaring that nobody cares about keywords anymore, is search engine optimization even still important? 


Search engine optimization is still integral to businesses looking to make their way to the top of Google results, and here's why:

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Posted by Katherine Faulk on July 13, 2017 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments

Page Load Time: Make Search Engines Love Your Website


Imagine you’ve been surfing the net for quite a while, and you came across this really cool advertisement for, say, corporate dinners. You’re interested, so you click on the ad waiting for the website to load. But it doesn’t ... how long are you ready to wait for the “magic” to happen? If you’re an average user, the waiting time will be just 3 seconds. Right?

Now let’s get back to your business. Your potential client types in your web address and hits enter. What you don’t want to do is leave them with enough time to grab a snack or a cup of coffee before the website loads.

We’ve all got to remember: users love quick sites, and so does Google!

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on September 20, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments

On-Page SEO 2016: Extracurricular Activities


If your business has been doing SEO for a while, you have probably seen a checklist for on-page optimization. It would include having a sitemap, a robots.txt, working on-page load time, and many more very common SEO practices.

But as 2016 progresses, Google’s shaking up some buzz again! The common and the simple SEO practices are now something practically every business out there does regularly. So, it’s clear that when everyone is putting in some effort into winning traffic, successful on-page SEO is no longer a matter of doing things off a checklist. But let’s go one step at a time! If you haven’t started with the basics, check out this article from MOZ. These steps are the essentials, and you do need them in order to be on friendly terms with search engines. And once you are all set, let’s explore 3 more things on y our extracarricular activites list that may help your business outperform its competition!

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on August 30, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments

Traffic Dropped after Website Re-Design. Should You Set the SEO Alarm?


Do you feel like your traffic has been down the drain ever since your website redesign? Are qualified leads down, leaving your conversion funnels confused? Is the worst part that you just don't know why this happened in the first place? After all... website redesigns are supposed to be good for traffic, aren't they? Well, don't worry — there are steps you can take to get your traffic back!

First, don't blame your new website. Sometimes you have to go on a website redesign mission, because: 

  • ... you changed your main strategy, services, or buyer personas.
  • ... you discovered new SEO data on the searching and browsing habits of your target.
  • ... your old website no longer corresponds to the new Google standards.
  • ... your website design is really really old and outdated.

But a redesign should not be the main reason why your website traffic would drop so drastically. How about we get into some of the most common and real reasons why your SEO behaves like it needs a vacation.

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on July 29, 2016 in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments

Search Habits for SEO: Optimize Your Content for Customers


Modern digital marketing trends lead companies towards adapting their SEO strategies to customers' behaviors. And although some multi-billion brands like Apple still have the power to inspire those trends from scratch, other companies need to follow what their customers dictate. Finding out the search habits of your buyer personas is one of those ways.

Search habits are very complex and diverse. We all search differently, use different keywords, and visit different websites, but there are 3 main ways your buyers will utilize the technological power of search engines to reach you:

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on July 27, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments

Winning the Google Search: Do Keywords Matter?


The first page of Google! It is undeniably the most desirable place on the Earth for all digital marketers and SEO experts (frankly, we are guilty of this too). And whether you are a business owner or a marketing director, we know your eyes sparkle too whenever you hear it: your website is now on the 1st page of Google.

So how can you get there? Are keywords the best way of winning the SEO Olympics and securing your sweet spot on the first page of the most popular search engine? The answer is both yes and no .... we know it sounds complicated, but continue reading and you'll know what we mean.

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on June 23, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments

What Google Really Thinks about Your Content Strategy


At this point, everyone who has some kind of online presence and engages in SEO copywriting should know not to treat Google as "just" a machine, but as a leader in its field and a near-essential for businesses looking to grow their customer base.

As a website owner (regardless of the niche), your main method of interacting with Google is by content. No wonder why 76% of B2B marketers say they will produce more content in 2016! They know that this is the best way to get Google's attention.

But really, don’t you want to know what is the best way of flattering Google with content? The answer is - you need to flatter your readers with high quality content, and if you do that, Google will approve. 

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on May 13, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Local Search | 0 Comments

Google Updates Local Search: Keep Your Digital Marketing Plan Relevant


We have been getting more and more updates on Google’s local search features lately. Whether they are temporary experiments that Google carries out regularly or permanent changes, there is one very reliable marketing shortcut for bypassing the negative effect of Google’s past, present and future experiments and updates.


Think about it. While many marketers spend hours and loads of resources on adapting their website and digital marketing plan to every Google algorithm change that knocks on our doors, there is really a much easier (and smarter!) way of simply being ready for any change that Google may throw on us.

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on May 11, 2016 in PPC Advertising, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google, Local Search | 0 Comments

Search Engine Optimization: What Should the Service Include?


Gone are the days of simply being listed on Google. The search engines have become an extremely competitive place to do business. To succeed, your company needs to be listed, ranked highly and convert incoming traffic into leads and sales.

We think SEO is all about a comprehensive approach and building long term online marketing strategies that produce result. In case you’re wondering what a good SEO service looks like, here are a few points you should make sure are included in your package.

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Posted by Larisa Aslanyan on February 17, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 Comments