VIDEO: Buyer Personas And How to Sell Expensive Products


Most of the information you'll find online about Buyer Personas, Inbound Marketing techniques, and digital marketing strategy seems to focus primarily either on B2C industries like retail shopping and restaurants, or it's geared towards high-level B2B marketing like IT support for corporations.

There's one set of industry categories being totally left out in the cold: Inbound Marketing for luxury products.

While luxury purchases by definition aren't exactly products or services you need in order to survive, that doesn't mean they aren't important to your prospects!

A luxury purchase like a private vacation rental right next to your favorite beach, a custom outdoor kitchen for entertaining, or a backyard pool for family bonding usually comes as a result of someone working hard and often sacrificing certain day-to-day luxuries and conveniences in order to invest in higher-value purchases later.

When your business is based around selling an expensive product or service, you can't rely on the same advice you might find for a fast-food joint. Your content marketing strategy needs to embrace that difference from the foundation up, starting with your Buyer Personas.

What's a Buyer Persona, and how do they play into marketing for luxury brands? This quick little video will walk you through the basics:

So... How Do You Market to the Luxury Brand Buyer Persona?

The difference between your average Buyer Persona and those you'll need to build to market for luxury products and services is the simple truth that you'll be marketing to someone who prioritizes value over price.

Luxury Brand Buyer Personas are willing to invest in a higher-priced product or service only if they feel they receive an equal value in return. While your Buyer Persona has worked hard to reach the successful place they're in today, they're very aware of just how much hard work went into earning the money they're now looking to spend.

They've made it this far through careful, smart financial decision-making, and when you build your Buyer Personas you'll need to take into account one simple reality: the luxury buyer is going to take a close, critical look into any company or product they intend to spend that hard-earned money on.

Luxury buyers often require a longer Consideration time before making a purchasing decision, and your marketing efforts should not to try to hurry them through that process, but instead meet them right where they are and provide the information and engagement they need to feel that choosing your company is the right choice.

We've put together blogs on how to sell a luxury product through Inbound Marketing and surprising facts you might not have known about your luxury buyers. Both of them are great places to start, but you'll definitely want to master your Buyer Personas first.

The right Buyer Persona can take a lackluster marketing strategy and turn it into a total success, but you'll need to have the knowledge and tools on-hand to know what needs fixed and how to fix it.

Learn How Buyer Personas Can Make or Break Your Business

The truth is that a blog post can really only scratch the surface on the importance of using Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing for luxury brands. We can look into a few nuances here and there in the short space we have, but in order to get the kind of detailed information you really need to understand how to sell an expensive product by using Buyer Personas, we put together a FREE presentation to help you out.

Are you reading all this discussion of Inbound Marketing and Buyer Personas and starting to feel more than a little overwhelmed? Don't worry, help is already here in the form of our FREE presentation on Buyer Personas.

We'll walk you through the process of researching, creating, and using buyer personas to accelerate your marketing efforts, and all you have to do is click the banner below.

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