Waypost's Favorite Places to Grab Lunch in Greenville, SC (With a Catch)

 Restaurants in Greenville, SC

The team here at Waypost Marketing is always ready for food. There are days we're plotting where to head out for lunch before most workplaces have even finished the first pot of coffee, and we've been known to stand outside staring forlornly in while waiting for a restaurant to finally open up... at eleven.

Whether you're searching for the perfect cup of coffee in Greenville or for a bowl of Vietnamese pho for a rainy day, we've got you covered.

While Woodruff Road and Downtown Greenville tend to get all the press for new restaurants, some of our favorites are located off the beaten path or even out of town. Today, we're taking a look at everyone's favorite place to grab lunch in Greenville, but with a catch - it can't be on Woodruff Road, and it can't be downtown.

Let's see what everyone had to say.

Doug Fowler, President: Is this a serious question? There really is no reason to leave Woodruff Road, considering the large number of options and convenience. If I do decide to venture out for lunch, I like to go to Two Chef's on Pelham Road with my wife.

We like to share the Sampler Salad, which is a generous portion of three items. We usually get the pear with chicken salad, the dried cranberry salad and the tomato and fresh mozzarella. The service is fast and they have plenty of healthy choices that are made fresh daily. 

Erin Durham, Vice President: Sushi Hana. The sushi has crack in it, I swear — I'm addicted! You can get an amazing tuna or Philly roll without spending a lot. When I want to splurge a little, I have a hard time choosing between the Haywood roll and the Surf-and-Turf roll. Regardless of what I choose, I'm never disappointed!

Sam Gerdt, Creative Director: I'm a creature of habit, so where I go depends on who's joining me. I might meet my brother at Corona on Pelham/I-85 or a friend at Tequilana on Butler Rd. If it's just me trying to escape the office for an afternoon and catch up on writing, I'll crash at 13 Stripes at Taylors Mill and open a tab. The important thing isn't the food, the beer, or the peace and quiet... the important thing is that any of these plans can be made with a single word text ("Tuesday?") or Slack status update ("Beer o'Clock"). 

Matt Cleveland, Technical Director: Pita House on Pleasantburg. Falafel plate every single time. Make sure you bring cash.

Also, India Palace right down the street. I'm not sure there's anything on the menu not worth trying, but make sure you get their spiced sweet tea. My first time there, I drank about 6 or 7 cups. I regret nothing.

Michelle Phillips, Inbound Marketing Strategist This was literally the hardest question I've ever been asked, but with that being said I have 3 answers (because of course I do). Though to be fair, my first two thoughts were chains, and I couldn't live with myself without including a local place, too.

  1. Jason's Deli just off Haywood Road in Greenville. I always get the Beefeater which is a GLORIOUS 1/2 pound of hot roast beef, topped with provolone and mayo on toasted New Orleans French bread and served with a cup of au jus. They also have an ice cream machine so it's basically heaven on earth. 
  2. Honeybaked Ham on Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville or just off of Fairview Road in Simpsonville. I live for the Ham Classic—ham, swiss, lettuce, savory mayo and hickory honey mustard on a flaky croissant (no tomato)! Any sandwich served on a croissant is basically my weakness.
  3. Mad Cuban Cafe, again, right off Fairview Road in Simpsonville. I don't have a usual here because the food is SO good and SO wonderfully authentic I always try something new every time I go! Since I just like it all, I'll steal my partner's go-to: the Steak Gone Bananas. This is a massive sandwich of thinly‎ sliced top round steak grilled and layered with sweet plantains, pepper jack cheese, and sautéed onions topped with lettuce, tomato, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and potato sticks placed on a lightly toasted Cuban bread and drizzled with their signature 'MAD' spicy sauce. It's probably unlike anything you've ever had and it is AMAZING. Pro-tip: their iced coffee is excellent too!

Katie Faulk, Content Manager: I'm not going to lie. My innate laziness means that if I make it to the office, odds are good I'll end up sticking to Woodruff Road for lunch just to avoid having to drive very far.

However, if I'm working from home, I love making a quick lunch run to one of my two favorite spots close-to-home: Upcountry Provisions on the days where I'm feeling a soup-and-sandwich combo would hit the spot, and China Star for when I just really need my all-time favorite Chinese food: Singapore Mai Fun. China Star makes the best Singapore Mai Fun in town and if you think anywhere else makes it better, you'll just have to get used to being wrong.

Danielle McKelley, Inbound Marketing Strategist: You can't beat $3 sushi rolls at Kanpai of Tokyo on Haywood Road! My favorite rolls are the Greenville Roll and the Rock N' Roll. You may have to wait a little longer but, trust me it's worth it. 

Emily Golus, Senior Inbound Marketing Producer: My favorite place to grab lunch is Publix supermarket. Typically I go to the one Pelham Road, though I’m familiar with nearly every location in the Greenville/Taylors area. I have a well-documented love for Publix—we got our wedding cake from them specifically because we wanted a cake that tasted delicious, which doesn't always happen with wedding cake. Often I’ll pick up wraps from the deli, hot sandwiches, or sushi, and my husband and I will have lunch at his office or at a nearby park. It’s tasty, fast, and always a good experience!

Heidi Willard, Senior Inbound Marketing Producer: ASADA would have to be my favorite lunch spot off the beaten path. ASADA originally gained a following as a food truck, and then became so popular that they opened up a restaurant on Wade Hampton. I can't get over how cute their little eatery is and how colorful the food is -- two BIG perks in my book. Oh yeah, and it tastes pretty darn good too.

Ryan Potvin, Inbound Marketing Producer: Thai Jing on East North street. I always get red curry chicken and the ownership is extremely friendly. The owner makes a point to remember customers and anytime I walk in he asks if I'm getting the usual red curry chicken.

Gabrielle Brayton, Production Designer: My favorite lunch place to go is the Chicora Alley in Mauldin. Their half portion of the "Mile High Nachos" are to die for!! It's a great little place to go that's never super crowded. They also have outdoor seating which is my fav on a nice day!

Keep an eye out for future posts on our personal Greenville recommendations, and let us know if there's any particular type of restaurant or store you're searching for... we love trying out new restaurants in Greenville, so we've probably got a suggestion for you!

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