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Why work with a certified Google Partner?

By Erin Durham
April 6, 2016 - read


The internet marketing industry can sometimes seem like this filmy, gossamer-like field that doesn't quite fit with the rest of the business world. Nestled somewhere between the fast-paced nature of the tech industry and the fast-talking salesmen of the marketing industry, the buzzwords and "tech-speech" can leave you wondering... "What does my internet marketing company really DO?"

Internet Marketing then, means using your website to sell your product or service. You might think that your website does that on its own, but does it? Does your site capture the attention of potential buyers and guide them along to the point of spending money? How do these potential customers even get to your site in the first place?This is where your internet marketing team comes in. Their job is to know what it takes to get your site found on the search engines, do those things, and ensure that once users get to your website, they get turned into paying customers.

Where this gets complicated is that Google is constantly changing its algorithm in order to improve the quality of the sites that rank the highest. You can't blame them for doing so — they want to provide the best service they can to their users. It's just that all the companies doing internet marketing have their hands full just keeping up with these changes.

What it means to be a certified Google Partner

If you're going to pay someone to manage your internet marketing, you want to know that you're working with a company that actually knows what to do to get users to your site. You want to get the best return on your investment for your paid advertising, you want your site to rank on the first page of search results, and you want your website to turn casual browsers into paying customers.

While anyone can become a Google Partner and take advantage of various resources that Google provides (whether you're a marketing company in Greenville or anywhere else), only agencies are eligible for certified partnership, meaning that Google has investigated the agency and found that it meets strict requirements. When certified partnership status is attained, Google works directly with the agency in question to help that agency provide the very best service for its clients.

According to Google's Partner Program details, "Google works with a limited number of premier partners in each market who show proven ability to help bring Google’s advertising solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. We expect our premier partners to deliver the highest possible advertiser experience and we support them in these efforts...

"Because of the close nature of the way we work with our premier partners, we typically only work with companies that are committed to build their businesses around Google AdWords products and have the ability to build a base of several hundred, and in many cases, several thousand advertisers."

For example, Waypost Marketing is a Google Certified Partner company. We are one of the few agencies in South Carolina and Western North Carolina to have achieved this status.

How It Benefits You to Work with a certified Google Partner

Because Google works directly with its partners; we are able to stay up-to-date on the constantly evolving best Pay-Per-Click practices. Whenever changes are made, Google makes us immediately aware of what we need to do differently in order to provide the best bang for our clients' bucks.

We are highly trained in the best ways to run Pay-Per-Click campaigns. We make a lot fewer mistakes and are therefore much better able to run a great campaign, bringing you a better return on your investment in paid search.

Finally, we have access to the best professional development materials... and because we don't have to constantly research why a campaign isn't working, we have time to complete Google training courses in order to consistently be the best, most knowledgeable agency in the area.

Do you have more questions we didn’t cover in this article? Ask them directly by scheduling a free consultation with us.

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