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Why Your Busy Season Is the Time to Invest in Marketing

By Heidi Willard
August 10, 2020 - read

Too busy to need marketing?

Think again.

You're not the first to fall for this misconception. People assume that when business is going great, they don't need marketing. After all, if you already have a lot of work, why would you put in the effort to get more?  

The answer to that question can be boiled down to one thing: momentum.

Would you rather build momentum from nothing, or ride the momentum you already have?

Any time you start something new, it takes awhile to build momentum. Marketing is the same way. If you start marketing when your business is struggling, it's going to take much longer to build momentum and see results.

However, if you begin marketing when your company is running at a million miles an hour, you can ride that momentum and see bigger results, faster.

Let's look at some examples. 

Timely Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a big deal to your prospective customers. If they're doing research on your skills and reputation as a subcontractor, you had better believe they are going to consider other customers' satisfaction in their decision-making process. 

There's no better time to solicit customer reviews than when you're busy doing a lot of work for a lot of different customers. It's much easier to get current customers to leave you a review because they're still very excited about the work you've done for them. Convincing previous customers to leave you a review is more challenging, especially if you don't have many reviews to begin with. 

Better to put in the effort while business is booming so you don't find yourself with too few jobs and no customer reviews to validate your skills as a specialty contractor.

Valuable Content

When business is good, you inevitably have more to talk about and share through marketing. For example, if your glass company has been installing a lot of storefront windows, you probably have some impressive pictures you can share with customers and prospects through your website, email, and social media. If you're a specialty flooring company that's made some big clients happy lately, you probably have a persuasive case study that needs to be written.

Throwing marketing on the back burner during your busy season means you're missing your best opportunities to showcase your work to prospective customers.

Positive Ad Results

If you're in the middle of your busy season, it means there are probably a lot more prospects out there who need your services besides just the customers you currently have.

Running ads on Google or social channels during your busy season is one of the best ways to get in front of these customers and land more jobs. There's not usually a bad time to pay for ads, but paying for ads when people are looking for your services means that you'll get a much better ROI at the end of the day.

More Engaged Customers

The more work you do, the more interaction you have with customers. When you follow up with that growing list of customers through marketing, you open the door for increased customer engagement.

Why does customer engagement matter? Because engaged customers are the ones who bring in business. Engaged customers are either considering hiring you again for more work, or they're telling their friends about you. Either way, the result is a profitable one. Not to mention, if there's one thing a specialty contractor knows, it's that word of mouth is one of the key ways to grow business.

Let's ride that momentum.

Does your company have some momentum right now? We'd love to channel that into something that will last through strategic marketing. Contact us today to start a conversation about your business goals.

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